Friday, November 12, 2010


Yeah, we know. We've been slackers. We're aware, okay? It's been kind of a busy week... or two. But I have a new book review that's ready to go, as soon as I get the stuff I need from the review program, so you have that to look forward to (Mom and Dad, since you're probably the only people who read this). And clearly, that's Jennie in that picture since that girl has brown hair. 
And for your enjoyment, I have some Friday fun:

What, pray-tell, is this?
I thought it was a mitten or something when I came across it, but in my defense (yeesh! I hate that phrase!),  I think the image was smaller.
ANSWER: It's a rocking chair. Like, for a real adult-sized human. As in, a person actually sits and rocks on that thing.

What in the world is this?
Again, when I saw it, I kept thinking, "Flip that thing over and it's a lop-sided basket that someone's child brought home from arts & crafts at their sleepaway camp." Wrongo, again!
ANSWER: It's a footstool.

Did you get both right? Did you get either right? Well, if you did, you win the joy of applying for a job with Ikea! Go for it, because you and that company are like-minded.

But seriously - stop back next week, when Jennie and I will post again. Sometime. Someday.

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  1. I DID actually think it was a rocking chair, first glance. I am a genius... that is all.