Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Nosiest People of All

Child using binoculars
Just yesterday, I was talking with Anjajog about how I felt very nosy. You see, I know a person who's not technically my actual friend (see? this is why facebook is bad for me), and he just broke up with his girlfriend and I want to know why. So can I ask? I'm just being nosy. And I don't necessarily want to open up lines of communication. I just want the hot gossip. So... really I'd like someone else to ask. Any takers? No? Anjajog said I could ask, which is definitely the opposite advice I will receive from everyone else, I'm pretty sure.
Anyway, I thought I was nosy, and then... THEN, Nosy Personified came crashing into my place last night in the form of 2 rugrats, ages 6 and 4. My gosh, little ones are sooo nosy!
"Aunt Christy, who are those people in that picture? Is that me? Is that you? Who's that girl?"
"Aunt Christy, I just used your toilet in your bathroom!"
"Aunt Christy, do you have something longer than this?" (holding up some fabric that I have no idea where they got it.)
Pointing to a picture of the Indian girl I sponsor through Compassion - "Aunt Christy, is that your kid?" That one is hilarious to me on so many levels. Why, yes, child, I have an Indian daughter whom you've never met, and she's hidden away right now.
"Aunt Christy, look at those puppies! Puppies!! AWWWW, PUPPIES!" Me - Please let that man walk his dogs in peace.
"Aunt Christy, a KITTY CAT!" Me - That's not my house, please step away from that house!
"Aunt Christy, why don't you have a downstairs?" Me - someone else lives downstairs. Them - "And he's a police officer!" Me- yes.
"Aunt Christy, where is your downstairs?" Me - someone else lives there. Them - "A police officer!" Me - yes.
"Aunt Christy, do you wish you had a downstairs?"
You get the picture.
Meanwhile - how cute are they?! So cute!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Would I Do?

Businessmen Threatening One Another on the Street Near a Sports Car and a Businesswoman Trying to Stop Them
I am obsessed with Dateline, Primetime, 48 Hours, 20/20... you name it. If there's a real-life murder mystery being covered, I'm on it (just ask me about Florida vs. Wade, which ate up my entire tv time on vacation. ASK ME).
Sometimes, though, those shows are not focused on a murder mystery, but they're uncovering some human weakness and they are totally speaking to me. Totally. So, last night's episode of What Would You Do? by John Quinones, coupled with this article, really made me think.
The Good Samaritan, a story in the Bible, appeals to all of humankind. Will you lend a hand when someone needs it?
On What Would You Do? they showed a variety of different situations, like ... Would You Endorse a Product That You Know Didn't Work, Just to Get Money and Appear on TV? Would You Help a 15-Year-Old Child Bride Get Away From the People Forcing Her to Marry? (that one was crazy. Crazy! I am in awe of the people that stepped in). But the one that was really difficult for me was: Would You Help Stop, or Even Say Anything to Punks That Are Beating Up A Stranger on the Side of the Street (in Newark, NJ, of all places, not that it matters).
Here's the thing: I don't know that I would have. It's so clear when you're watching it, that someone has to help. It's devastating. So many people just walked by. Some called 911, which might have been my course of action, had I been there. But there were a few who stopped the 3 punks, including a 5 foot, 4 inch fiery woman who looked like she weighed maybe 90 lbs. dripping wet. She was awesome. I want to be that woman. I want to throw aside fears of weapons and embarrassment to help someone in need.
And you know what? In the article referenced above, there was clearly no danger involved in reaching out to the hurting girl ... but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done that either.
Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed with myself after this realization. I think I'm even just too self-involved to notice when people need help. But I'm going to keep my eyes open, because we are all humans, brothers and sisters on this earth. What is this life worth if I'm not helping others? That's truth.
One last thing - how awesome is that painting? I love it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Spinach/Tuna Toast
Don't you just hate it when people bring stinky food to work? And then they don't close the cover enough, so the stink seeps out and gets all caught in the air? And then, the person keeps opening the drawer where they keep their lunch, so the stink keeps escaping? AND THEN, that person keeps saying, "What is that smell? Who brought stinky food?!"
And then that person realizes it is she.
So yeah, I brought stinky food (tuna fish -- I'm sorry! I love it!) and then I put it in an inadequate container with an ill-fitting lid, and then I opened the drawer about 50 times this morning and kept trying to accuse people around me of creating the stink.
Just... don't ask why I keep my food in a drawer. It's just better that way.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, the fun we had

Couple riding jet ski
So I got back from the beach, and what a time it was! Those of you who know me, or ever met me, or have read this blog, know that I wasn't necessarily looking forward to this vacation.
But it was really amazing this year. We made sure we did a bunch of things other than just sit on the beach. Like... well, I met a really handsome guy and we went jet-skiing! That's a picture of us!
Just kidding.
My family did go jet-skiing, but here's what actually happened:
• My mom and I went over the 20-minute time limit and ended up giving my sister less time on the jet ski than we intended.
• Dylan wanted OFF the jet-ski; Cassidy did not want to get off.
• My dad, brother and Dylan fell off the jet-ski while trying to retrieve my father's hat from the bay.
• The hat, and my dad's glasses are gone. Forever.
We also went to the USS North Carolina battleship which was pretty amazing, and we explored Wilmington, which was a really cute town. My brother came at the last minute, so that made the trip even better.
My favorite memories are playing a bocce ball/golf beach game while the sunset and holding Cassidy, all wrapped up in her beach towel, and singing to her on the beach.
It was a great trip, and a great time with the family.

Friday, July 23, 2010

And I'm off!

In less than 24 hours, I will be crossing off one of my goals from my "Bucket List."
I will be embarking on a journey to a far away land.....
Well actually I will be going down to a little island in the Bahamas called Eleuthera.
A team of 9 (including me) will be conducting Vacation Bible School for the kids, as well as working on some construction projects.
I have a list of things I want to do before I die, "My Bucket List", and going on a missions trip was one of them. I guess I never felt ready, but an opportunity presented I dove in head first! No time like the present. I am starting to realize that if you keep waiting for "the right time" you will be waiting forever.
So tomorrow at 2 am, I will be heading out on my first missions trip. I am nervous and excited, but I know that BIG things are happening for the Kingdom. I am just excited to be a part of it. I can't wait to report back and let you know all the details of the trip.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dreams...they are interesting.

I dream every night. I have very vivid, memorable dreams. In some cases, months later a dream will my real life. I claim deja-vu and when I search my mind for how a certain event occurred twice, I realize that I dreamed the event months earlier.

Dreams are interesting to me. I have had dreams that make me avoid someone for several months or feel differently towards a certain individual. I can't figure out why, I guess because they are so messes with my mind.

Most of my dreams are ordinary, everyday happenings and not crazy, adventurous dreams. Sometimes I wish I had whimsical, unrealistic dreams. That is the point, right? to experience Dream land.

What is the craziest or most realistic dream you have every had?

Monday, July 19, 2010

I think I am a mean girl.

I think I'm a Mean Girl.
I am an avoider. When I see someone I know in public, I avoid them. I am not proud of this quality, but it is like a reflex. I don't even realize I am doing it until I've turned my face or walked the other way, hoping the person didn't see me. I also “act like” I didn't see the person. Usually, the person acts like they didn't see me either, so I don't feel so bad when that happens. Although, you can act like you didn't see the person, but sometimes they will NOT allow you to “not see” them. The non-avoider will usually make a big ruckus, call out your name or run over to you. I am actually kind of okay with this, because if the person really wants to talk to me...I will talk to them. I am not much of a small talker. I would rather do the half-wave in acknowledgement that I know the person, but you both recognize that you have nothing of any worth to talk about with each other. That is the IDEAL situation for me.
I need to add a disclaimer, the avoiding USUALLY happens with acquaintances. Although I caught myself doing it to a friend the other day. I know...I know...Mean girl.
This is the constant battle within myself: Am I mean girl or not?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Non-Romantic Reasons I Want to Get Married

Detail view of one pink candy heart on other candy hearts
Sure, I'm all about the romance and bells of true love and all that, but there are just normal times in my boring life that I let out an exasperated, "This would be so much easier if I were married!"
So here goes:
1. I really really really really want a dog.
And yeah, I know I don't have to be married to have a dog, but I have to be married to have a dog that doesn't die of neglect or starvation. Basically, I'm selfish, and I don't spend a lot of time at home. So that's where the husband comes in.
2. I need someone to pick up my certified mail.
Certified mail is the biggest pain the butt, right? First of all, who in the world is home when the mail person comes? Secondly, did you know the post office's hours are like 10-10:15 am, and then 3pm-3:02, and then 3:43-4:04, and they act like how is it possible that you can't get there? And, my post office is like a 45 minute drive away, which is untrue, but it does take me that long when I factor in getting lost, which I must.
3. It would be nice to cook chicken sometime.
This is almost a reason. The real reason is that it's annoying to cook for one person. But let me tell you a little ditty about cooking chicken. I made chicken last night, and I'm pretty sure it had already gone bad. Of course, I ate it. Well, like 20 minutes later, I'm thinking "What is that horrid, putrid smell?" It was the package from the chicken. In the trash. The fumes! Now, I don't cook that often, and I certainly don't cook chicken that often, but what in the world?! You have to immediately take the trash out after cooking chicken? That's too high maintenance for me.
4. That time that it snows.
This was more of an issue in New Jersey, but snow happens here, too. And when it does, me and all the husbands are out there bright and early, sweeping snow off of our cars and clearing the way for our vehicles. Me and all the husbands. (yes, yes, grammar.. but it sounds better this way).
5. So that people will stop saying dumb stuff.
See Jennie's post. If you don't understand why those are dumb, please contact me on a good day. If you currently say those things to people, please stop. In fact, just don't comment on people's relationship status. I mean, why would you?

So I'm sure you're reading this, thinking, "ummm... you want a maid, not a husband, I'm pretty sure." Yeah, possibly. But ... husbands do stuff for you, right? And wives do stuff for them? Give and take? I've heard this is true.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christy will be famous someday...

Christy has doubts about her amazing writing talent, but I am here to tell all of you that she WILL be a famous writer someday. AND....I plan on riding her coattail all the way to the TOP. I have already made plans to be her stylist/administrative assistant when this occurs.
Christy has one of the most creative minds of anyone I know. The way her mind works in conjuring up story lines and adding imagery to the story is amazing.
She gives life to her characters, characters with unique personalities. Characters you can relate too.
She often comes into work saying "I thought of a story last night that I am going to write." She proceeds to explain an authentic, carefully detailed storyline. I often wonder if my mouth is hanging open, because I can't fathom coming up with something like that in a YEAR, let alone a night.
This simple fact is why Christy blogs more than I do. I love blogging--I just have trouble coming up with things to talk about.
So Cheers to Christy! Talented, Smart and the only reason this blog is still alive!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Terrible (but fun!) Aunt

Brother and sister (6-9) standing on meadow, looking up, rear view
I took my 4-year-old niece into a bar yesterday. During happy hour.
I also gave her a sip of my coffee when she was like 2 years old.
Wait, wait, wait... lemme back up.
I have a 4-year-old niece who is a princess, and a 6-year-old nephew who is a boy genius/soccer star. My relationship with my niece and nephew is so very different from the relationship I had with my own aunts and uncles. I see them all the time and I live only about a 3 minute drive from them. My own aunts and uncles lived at least 1 1/2 hours from us, and a few were out of state and we'd only see them maybe once a year. Since I see my niece and nephew so much, it's normal for me to discipline them or tell them to behave. But I'm the aunt, not the mommy, so I kind of want to be the cool Aunt Christy. For example, my parents - who watch my niece and nephew a few days a week - have a lot of rules at their house. No jumping on the beds, no being a room that you're not supposed to be in, etc. etc. Well, I don't have those rules. You kids want to jump on my bed? Have at it!
The other day I walked upstairs to see the kids in my parents house and opened a bedroom door. My nephew said, "Oh! It's only Aunt Christy. I don't have to hide Samson (his lovey)." Apparently, Grandma would have yelled at my nephew for going into the other room and getting Samson out. But not Aunt Christy! I'll save my yelling for something else.
Here's my philosophy: I will let them get away with the little things, so that when they become crazy teenagers, they come to me with their dumb, rebellious ideas, or runaway to my house. They can come to me and say, "Aunt Christy, take me to get a tattoo, and don't tell Mom." And I'll be able to calmly say, "Let's talk about why this is a bad idea," and hopefully they'll listen to me.
So all of that to say, yesterday my niece had to go potty, and when she has to go potty, she has to go now. So we ran into the bar next to where we were, walked through the smokers and drinkers and I brought her to their potty. You're welcome, fine boozing establishment! I hope they understand.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Land of the Beautiful People

Previously on I Heart Banana Copenhagen: Jennie wrote the Best. Post. Ever.
I love that Jennie drops by like once a month with a post and it'll be this phenomenal wisdom or something crazy funny.

black and white view from behind of a bride and groom talking
So Jennie and I know these people who are literally the most beautiful people I've ever seen. And they're married to each other. Of course.
So we'll call them Pretty and Handsome, even though those names are barely suitable to describe their beauty. I will try to paint you a picture. Pretty is always cutting-edge with her style, in addition to having classic good looks. Short hair is in style? Well, Pretty already has the haircut that no one even knows about yet. It's funky and flattering, and her picture will be the one people bring to their hair stylist in like 6 months, when people start catching on with the style. Handsome is... just really handsome. He looks like a movie star. Like a movie star walking around with normal people. And it's quite difficult to keep your heart rate at a normal level when he walks by (if you're into that kind of thing... you know... good looks).
So when Pretty and Handsome walk around together, they cause quite a stir. First, because they really look like they might be famous, or should be famous. Crowds part for them. Everyone stares. And they don't even notice, because it's just part of their normal lives. It's funny because they're also kind and funny people, and they don't even notice the stares or smiles.
It's like those episodes of 30 Rock where Tina Fey's character is dating Jon Hamm, and everyone gives him special treatment because he's so good looking. It's just like that.
So here's what I think: I think that they live in a completely different world than I do. I mean, sure, in that respect we all live in different worlds from each other, but ... really ... they live in a different world. They live in a world where people notice you all the time and seek you out to talk to you and giggle at your stories and stare into your eyes. (Yes, I'm speaking from experience. Yes, I once had an entire (flirty) conversation with Handsome without realizing who he was or that he was married because that's how good looking they are: you don't even remember that you KNOW THEM). So... I can't think of any cute or catchy names for this syndrome or the strange world they live in. My sister calls things Pretty Girl Syndrome when people get stuff for free because they're good-looking, but this is a little different because these people don't even realize they're different. Suggestions for names? Go.

Friday, July 9, 2010

10 things EVERY single girl will hear.....over the course of their singlehood.

1.“When are you going to get married?”
Now married people ask this, I HOPE, not even thinking about what exactly they are asking.

2.“You should foster or adopt kids.”

Because that is what I want to do as a single 20-something woman. Adopt a kid. Alone.

3.“Where are all the single men?”
My response: Married.

4. “I met my husband at the Grocery Store, you should go shopping...”
Oh my gosh. I should go shopping, I NEVER thought of that before.
You lie. That doesn't happen. I only meet 70 yr old retired men or 16 yr old cashiers that ask me why I need so much food since I am clearly single.

5.“You are single for a reason. It will happen in God's timing”
This may be true, but NO single girl wants to hear this.

6.“Marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be.”

7.“He has braces, bad skin, a lisp, and red hair...but he is SOO sweet. You should go out with him.”
Most single girls have had heard SOME variation of this statement.

8.“Have you tried online dating? My friends-brothers-college roomate's-sister met her husband online.”

9.“You are better off single. Why would you want an annoying man around?”

AND DRUMROLL Please......

10. “It happens when you least expect it.”

I have been “least expecting it” for years!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Voice New Testament: Book Review

I received a complimentary copy of The Voice New Testament from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an unbiased review.
As with The Message, The Voice is a terrific supplement to a more traditional translation of the Bible. It has a clearer interpretation of the scriptures in modern language, and I enjoyed reading passages side-by-side in The Voice and in my New American Standard translation.
The Voice refers to Jesus as "The Liberating King" which tickled me every time I read it. It really invokes a poetic image of Jesus that I never got from my other translations. In passages with a lot of dialogue between several people, The Voice prints the dialogue in a play format, which makes it really easy to follow and a quick read. There is also some commentary within the Chapters, with boxed-in text providing some facts about the author or the time period, or asking provoking questions of the reader, drawing us in. There were times I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the boxed-in information -- sometimes it was an interruption to what I was reading, but the informational boxes are easy enough to ignore and go back to at a later time.
Overall, I really enjoyed The Voice New Testament, and I highly recommend it as a supplemental study.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Two Wild and Crazy Gals!

Cornwall, England.
So I spent my long weekend in Birmingham, Alabama with my mother.
First things first: If you've met my mother, you've already had a deep conversation about your dreams or your future with her, she's put you on her prayer list and she prays fervently for you daily, and you are welcome to our family holiday celebrations and on our family vacations. But she may or may not get your name right.
My mom's passion is her family - none of us have ever doubted that. When we were little she told us that her dream was that we would all end up living in the same place, even on the same road. And that almost happened, so that's pretty good! She's never met a stranger, which is both fun and embarrassing. Fun because you just never know what kind of connection you're going to have with the guy selling you tickets to the caverns (we're all from New Jersey! His uncle lied to him about walking to NYC!) and embarrassing because ... yeah... we don't really need to know the connection we have with the guy selling us tickets to the caverns...
She has a great sense of humor, which in our family is a necessity, as we like to pick on each other. I, on the other hand, can only take about a minute of it before I burst into tears, so you already know how the family vacation goes. And speaking of a sense of humor, she has an incredibly infectious laugh, which I think got passed down to the females in our family. I remember once we went to a movie and the theater was so crowded that my brother and I had to sit on one side of the packed theater while the rest of the family sat on the other side. We heard my mother's laugh ring out over the crowd during all of the funny parts (and probably some of the non-funny parts, too)! This was literally 20 years ago, and my brother and I still talk about it.

"Remember that time we heard Mom across the entire movie theater?!"
So basically what I'm saying is, if you get the chance to play charades with my mother, do not pass it up. It will be the funniest thing you ever do. I guarantee it.
P.S. - it's cool, it's cool. My Mom doesn't know how to log in to leave a comment on this site.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend!

View of a pond in front of an official-looking building as fireworks burst overhead
It's a 3-day weekend! Woo hoo!! Jennie and I separately had the same bright idea, that 3-day weekends don't come around so often so we need to take advantage of them. So we'll be enjoying a wonderful time with our families and I cannot wait. I think we'll even be getting out of work a little early to get started!
I think one of my favorite fourth of July memories was the year after I graduated college. I was still living in New Jersey, and my friend and college roommate, Trish, was living with me for the summer. She had gotten some sort of invitation from an old college professor (a dance instructor - yes, she took a dance class in college for fun.... and I did, too!) that his dance troupe was performing in NYC at one of the piers. So on the morning of the fourth, we drove to Staten Island and took the ferry across to Manhattan.
We wandered around the city, which was strangely empty for the holiday. We sat in Starbucks and read the paper, sipping our frozen drinks. We ran in a fountain. I remember it was crazy hot and we were desperately trying to stay cool. Finally, we went to the show and watched these amazing dancers perform, right at the end of one of the piers in downtown New York. Then we walked around a little bit more. And Then.... Then, we realized it was indeed the fourth of July of we were in New York City, so we got the heck out of there before the crowds came in for the fireworks that night.
I think we spent a quite evening in little ol' Budd Lake, New Jersey that night. I'm not even sure where we watched the fireworks. It was a great time with a wonderful friend.