Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Spinach/Tuna Toast
Don't you just hate it when people bring stinky food to work? And then they don't close the cover enough, so the stink seeps out and gets all caught in the air? And then, the person keeps opening the drawer where they keep their lunch, so the stink keeps escaping? AND THEN, that person keeps saying, "What is that smell? Who brought stinky food?!"
And then that person realizes it is she.
So yeah, I brought stinky food (tuna fish -- I'm sorry! I love it!) and then I put it in an inadequate container with an ill-fitting lid, and then I opened the drawer about 50 times this morning and kept trying to accuse people around me of creating the stink.
Just... don't ask why I keep my food in a drawer. It's just better that way.

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