Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Terrible (but fun!) Aunt

Brother and sister (6-9) standing on meadow, looking up, rear view
I took my 4-year-old niece into a bar yesterday. During happy hour.
I also gave her a sip of my coffee when she was like 2 years old.
Wait, wait, wait... lemme back up.
I have a 4-year-old niece who is a princess, and a 6-year-old nephew who is a boy genius/soccer star. My relationship with my niece and nephew is so very different from the relationship I had with my own aunts and uncles. I see them all the time and I live only about a 3 minute drive from them. My own aunts and uncles lived at least 1 1/2 hours from us, and a few were out of state and we'd only see them maybe once a year. Since I see my niece and nephew so much, it's normal for me to discipline them or tell them to behave. But I'm the aunt, not the mommy, so I kind of want to be the cool Aunt Christy. For example, my parents - who watch my niece and nephew a few days a week - have a lot of rules at their house. No jumping on the beds, no being a room that you're not supposed to be in, etc. etc. Well, I don't have those rules. You kids want to jump on my bed? Have at it!
The other day I walked upstairs to see the kids in my parents house and opened a bedroom door. My nephew said, "Oh! It's only Aunt Christy. I don't have to hide Samson (his lovey)." Apparently, Grandma would have yelled at my nephew for going into the other room and getting Samson out. But not Aunt Christy! I'll save my yelling for something else.
Here's my philosophy: I will let them get away with the little things, so that when they become crazy teenagers, they come to me with their dumb, rebellious ideas, or runaway to my house. They can come to me and say, "Aunt Christy, take me to get a tattoo, and don't tell Mom." And I'll be able to calmly say, "Let's talk about why this is a bad idea," and hopefully they'll listen to me.
So all of that to say, yesterday my niece had to go potty, and when she has to go potty, she has to go now. So we ran into the bar next to where we were, walked through the smokers and drinkers and I brought her to their potty. You're welcome, fine boozing establishment! I hope they understand.


  1. I understand what you'd LIKE to see happen in the future. Really I do. But somehow, I see all this back firing and you just being labeled the bad/crazy aunt......Also, don't forget to learn how to do hair extensions in order to redeem yourself

  2. You will be "Cool Aunt Christy." And when the time comes...I plan on being "Cool Aunt Jennie" :) Much to my brother-in-law's dismay!!

  3. Christy, you are an awesome aunt! and a great storyteller too.