Friday, July 9, 2010

10 things EVERY single girl will hear.....over the course of their singlehood.

1.“When are you going to get married?”
Now married people ask this, I HOPE, not even thinking about what exactly they are asking.

2.“You should foster or adopt kids.”

Because that is what I want to do as a single 20-something woman. Adopt a kid. Alone.

3.“Where are all the single men?”
My response: Married.

4. “I met my husband at the Grocery Store, you should go shopping...”
Oh my gosh. I should go shopping, I NEVER thought of that before.
You lie. That doesn't happen. I only meet 70 yr old retired men or 16 yr old cashiers that ask me why I need so much food since I am clearly single.

5.“You are single for a reason. It will happen in God's timing”
This may be true, but NO single girl wants to hear this.

6.“Marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be.”

7.“He has braces, bad skin, a lisp, and red hair...but he is SOO sweet. You should go out with him.”
Most single girls have had heard SOME variation of this statement.

8.“Have you tried online dating? My friends-brothers-college roomate's-sister met her husband online.”

9.“You are better off single. Why would you want an annoying man around?”

AND DRUMROLL Please......

10. “It happens when you least expect it.”

I have been “least expecting it” for years!


  1. oh my gosh.
    THE. BEST.
    now, I'm off to the supermarket! to meet my online boyfriend! in God's timing! Hope someone can watch my foster kids!!

  2. hey! what's wrong with red hair?!?! LOL!! :)

  3. I love this!!! haha. though there is nothing wrong with redheads :p

  4. ohhhhh BURN Jennie! Secretly (and actually not secretly) my future Aussie boyfriend must have red hair.
    Also, a spammer commented "Practice what you preach" on this posting... so.... food for thought, I guess.

  5. Well said JenWal. Also, what does practice what you preach mean in regards to this post?

  6. Sorry Clacks! I love red-heads, that was just a direct quote from my sister. I would gladly date a red-head :)

  7. Exactly...what does "practice what you preach" mean? WEIRD.

  8. who knows? They're spammers. But if they mean, "practice being single" then, I've got it down pat, thanks.