Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Nosiest People of All

Child using binoculars
Just yesterday, I was talking with Anjajog about how I felt very nosy. You see, I know a person who's not technically my actual friend (see? this is why facebook is bad for me), and he just broke up with his girlfriend and I want to know why. So can I ask? I'm just being nosy. And I don't necessarily want to open up lines of communication. I just want the hot gossip. So... really I'd like someone else to ask. Any takers? No? Anjajog said I could ask, which is definitely the opposite advice I will receive from everyone else, I'm pretty sure.
Anyway, I thought I was nosy, and then... THEN, Nosy Personified came crashing into my place last night in the form of 2 rugrats, ages 6 and 4. My gosh, little ones are sooo nosy!
"Aunt Christy, who are those people in that picture? Is that me? Is that you? Who's that girl?"
"Aunt Christy, I just used your toilet in your bathroom!"
"Aunt Christy, do you have something longer than this?" (holding up some fabric that I have no idea where they got it.)
Pointing to a picture of the Indian girl I sponsor through Compassion - "Aunt Christy, is that your kid?" That one is hilarious to me on so many levels. Why, yes, child, I have an Indian daughter whom you've never met, and she's hidden away right now.
"Aunt Christy, look at those puppies! Puppies!! AWWWW, PUPPIES!" Me - Please let that man walk his dogs in peace.
"Aunt Christy, a KITTY CAT!" Me - That's not my house, please step away from that house!
"Aunt Christy, why don't you have a downstairs?" Me - someone else lives downstairs. Them - "And he's a police officer!" Me- yes.
"Aunt Christy, where is your downstairs?" Me - someone else lives there. Them - "A police officer!" Me - yes.
"Aunt Christy, do you wish you had a downstairs?"
You get the picture.
Meanwhile - how cute are they?! So cute!

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