Monday, July 12, 2010

The Land of the Beautiful People

Previously on I Heart Banana Copenhagen: Jennie wrote the Best. Post. Ever.
I love that Jennie drops by like once a month with a post and it'll be this phenomenal wisdom or something crazy funny.

black and white view from behind of a bride and groom talking
So Jennie and I know these people who are literally the most beautiful people I've ever seen. And they're married to each other. Of course.
So we'll call them Pretty and Handsome, even though those names are barely suitable to describe their beauty. I will try to paint you a picture. Pretty is always cutting-edge with her style, in addition to having classic good looks. Short hair is in style? Well, Pretty already has the haircut that no one even knows about yet. It's funky and flattering, and her picture will be the one people bring to their hair stylist in like 6 months, when people start catching on with the style. Handsome is... just really handsome. He looks like a movie star. Like a movie star walking around with normal people. And it's quite difficult to keep your heart rate at a normal level when he walks by (if you're into that kind of thing... you know... good looks).
So when Pretty and Handsome walk around together, they cause quite a stir. First, because they really look like they might be famous, or should be famous. Crowds part for them. Everyone stares. And they don't even notice, because it's just part of their normal lives. It's funny because they're also kind and funny people, and they don't even notice the stares or smiles.
It's like those episodes of 30 Rock where Tina Fey's character is dating Jon Hamm, and everyone gives him special treatment because he's so good looking. It's just like that.
So here's what I think: I think that they live in a completely different world than I do. I mean, sure, in that respect we all live in different worlds from each other, but ... really ... they live in a different world. They live in a world where people notice you all the time and seek you out to talk to you and giggle at your stories and stare into your eyes. (Yes, I'm speaking from experience. Yes, I once had an entire (flirty) conversation with Handsome without realizing who he was or that he was married because that's how good looking they are: you don't even remember that you KNOW THEM). So... I can't think of any cute or catchy names for this syndrome or the strange world they live in. My sister calls things Pretty Girl Syndrome when people get stuff for free because they're good-looking, but this is a little different because these people don't even realize they're different. Suggestions for names? Go.


  1. to OUR credit....Handsome had just gotten a hair cut.

  2. I am humbled that Jennie, the facial profiler, also didn't recognize him. Makes me feel better.

  3. I have no suggestions. I would just like to know who you're talking about. Thank you

  4. Do I know Pretty and Handsome???