Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Would I Do?

Businessmen Threatening One Another on the Street Near a Sports Car and a Businesswoman Trying to Stop Them
I am obsessed with Dateline, Primetime, 48 Hours, 20/20... you name it. If there's a real-life murder mystery being covered, I'm on it (just ask me about Florida vs. Wade, which ate up my entire tv time on vacation. ASK ME).
Sometimes, though, those shows are not focused on a murder mystery, but they're uncovering some human weakness and they are totally speaking to me. Totally. So, last night's episode of What Would You Do? by John Quinones, coupled with this article, really made me think.
The Good Samaritan, a story in the Bible, appeals to all of humankind. Will you lend a hand when someone needs it?
On What Would You Do? they showed a variety of different situations, like ... Would You Endorse a Product That You Know Didn't Work, Just to Get Money and Appear on TV? Would You Help a 15-Year-Old Child Bride Get Away From the People Forcing Her to Marry? (that one was crazy. Crazy! I am in awe of the people that stepped in). But the one that was really difficult for me was: Would You Help Stop, or Even Say Anything to Punks That Are Beating Up A Stranger on the Side of the Street (in Newark, NJ, of all places, not that it matters).
Here's the thing: I don't know that I would have. It's so clear when you're watching it, that someone has to help. It's devastating. So many people just walked by. Some called 911, which might have been my course of action, had I been there. But there were a few who stopped the 3 punks, including a 5 foot, 4 inch fiery woman who looked like she weighed maybe 90 lbs. dripping wet. She was awesome. I want to be that woman. I want to throw aside fears of weapons and embarrassment to help someone in need.
And you know what? In the article referenced above, there was clearly no danger involved in reaching out to the hurting girl ... but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done that either.
Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed with myself after this realization. I think I'm even just too self-involved to notice when people need help. But I'm going to keep my eyes open, because we are all humans, brothers and sisters on this earth. What is this life worth if I'm not helping others? That's truth.
One last thing - how awesome is that painting? I love it!


  1. I DID ask you and you said, "uh uh, go look it up yourself".... wow, YOUR life (and another girl's) for a guy....

    Word. I'm always saying yeah I'd do that. But probably not. I'm more talk than I am action... :-(

    That painting is not by an artist named Britto right?

  2. you asked me too soon afterward. Too soon. I'll talk about it now. COPIOUS AMOUNTS.

    I don't know who the artist is.....but the signed name in the bottom right doesn't really look like Britto. I'm about to secretly sign you up for What Would You Do starring John Quinones and see how you fare.