Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, A Piggy in the Tub!

Here is the last piggy in the parade! This Bath Piggy is having quite a spa day. The bathtub actually has blue "water" with large and small bubbles inside. There is a robe on the hanger, just waiting for piggy to get out of the tub! There's also a magazine and special soaps for a most relaxing experience. Also - check out the nice tile - I wish I had tile that cute in my bathroom!
This piggy is Stephanie's masterpiece. Stephanie is one of the most creative people here at work (and that's saying a lot since we work with all types of creative people!). She makes amazing cakes for people's birthdays or showers, complete with themes. I'll try to snag some pictures of those next time!

Anyway, that's it for our piggy parade. Here's one last group photo:
It was so much fun to create our piggies, and it was for a great cause. Check out Hands on Greenville to find out more about the auction. If you think our piggies are good, just wait until you see what other people in our area thought of!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Eggs & Ham

Ok, my nephew has been looking forward to this post ever since I showed him the piggies. He kept pointing to the picture of Jennie's piggy and saying, "I see a fork! Where's that piggy?!" Here it is, Dylan. This is Adrian's wife's creation: Green Eggs & Ham, from the lovable Dr. Seuss classic. While this piggy looks delectable on plate with utensils and placemat, he's too adorable to eat. One more creative piggy to go! Check back tomorrow!

Friday, September 25, 2009


This Chick-fila-esque Piggy is Lauren's creation. This piggy sparkles, and has an important message on his little sandwich-boards: "Eat Mor Kow, Now that's a Reel Ham-burger"
If you're from some awful place that is not populated with Chick-fila franchises, you won't recognize the advertising campaign (cows that send humans messages to: Eat Mor Chiken). It's kind of crazy how creative these piggies are!! There are still a couple of more piggies in our parade. Keep coming back!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rolling in the Mud

This "muddy" piggy is the creative production of Denine. Not only does this piggy have long, flowing brown locks, but she has beautiful "real" eyelashes on her guilt-ridden eyes. What's with the guilt, Piggy? Maybe it has something to do with the mud (read: chocolate) covering piggy's snout and legs. And what's that stuck to piggy's legs? CANDY WRAPPERS?!
Piggy's necklace says: Humans, they always assume we roll in mud.
Well, now we know better, thanks to Denine and her very creative and chocolaty Piggy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Prissy Pigs

Today we have two piggies for the price of one! The top one is by Leigh and this "Prissy Pig" definitely has a Miss Piggy-vibe about her. The one on the bottom is by Nicky and she is named "Prissila".
Leigh's piggy is painted purple, and has lovely blonde locks with a lady-like hat set upon her ear. She also has sparkly hearts for cheeks, like all ladies should. Also, note her painted toenails.
Nicky's "Prissila" has beautiful eyelashes, and rosy cheeks. Instead of hair, a large flower adorns this piggy, and no lady is complete without her tu-tu!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Piggy

This is my very own Piggy. I named him "Sun Roasted Piggy." Let me tell you a little something about this whole project: I got very attached to my piggy. I started talking to him when I was painting him. Actually, I probably started talking to him the day I brought him home, because he kept trying to leap off of the seat of my car and crumble into a million pieces on the floor.
Sun Roasted Piggy is wearing sunglasses and a large amount of sunscreen to protect him from those harmful UV rays. He has collected an assortment of shells on his little blue beach blanket.
Sun Roasted Piggy is leaving today to go to the piggy auction. Bye-bye, Piggy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Piggy Peacock

Our next piggy is probably the biggest fashionista of the group. This piggy is courtesy of Tarsha, and if you've ever met Tarsha, this piggy is TOTALLY just like her! It's funny because it seems like a lot of the piggies have the same style as their creators. Go figure.
Piggy Peacock is covered is 24 carat gold (that is possibly an exaggeration), and is sporting diamond-encrusted eyes (again, only possibly exaggerated) and a sly smile. Why so sly, Piggy? Do you know something we don't? Or is it just that you know you are fabulous with your feathered tail and diamond eyes?
I don't have Piggy Peacock's official name. If you are a creative person (and all Banana Copenhagen readers are), go ahead and give it a shot in the comments section.
Side note: what the heck is a peacock? Is it a bird? or some distant relative to the rooster? (because let me tell you, the rooster got the short end of the stick in that gene pool...) Checking wikipedia...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Saving for a Rainy Day

It's a rainy day here in Banana Copenhagen, and what better way to avoid the showers than with a cute umbrella piggy? The latest in our piggy parade is by our very own JENNIE! Jennie titled her piggy "Saving for a Rainy Day". Things to notice, Jennie created "rain drops" on the umbrella and on the piggy's snout where the umbrella can't quite cover. Also, her little piggy is standing in puddles of water. Poor piggy! Piggy is holding the umbrella up with his tail. Hope you get out of the rain soon, piggy! Otherwise, you'll turn into a pruned piggy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is our first in our Parade of Piggies. This masterpiece was created by our resident Mac-lover, Adrian (also known on this blog as bAnDrian).
We created these piggy banks as part of a charity auction for Hands on Greenville (or ... HOG. Get it?! GET IT?!) to raise money to benefit the non-profit organizations in our area. The piggies will be paired with donated items such as overnight stays, spa visits and other items to form "packages" of goodies that people can bid on.
We were asked to name our piggies, and this one is called iHog.
You can find out more about the auction from www.handsongreenville.org.
And, every day, I'll post another piggy. They are super awesome, so check back!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get ready... Get Set... It's Coming...

Partially unrolled red carpet
Piggies, piggies everywhere.
Piggies here and piggies there.
Piggies on the beach, and piggies in the bath.
Piggies in the rain, piggies doing math. (um, not really that last one).

Piggies will be appearing soon. Prepare yourself.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waiting waiting waiting waiting

Anxious Businessman in Waiting Room
True story: Waiting sucks. It sucks so much that I can't even be more eloquent than that. I know I have some good friends that are playing the "waiting" game right now with jobs and life events and such, and we can all agree: It sucks.
I thought about writing something deep about, like, the little blessings that pass us by while we're waiting ... or how there's a light at the end of the tunnel and when we reach it, we'll see how fulfilling the waiting period was for us. But no.
Waiting sucks.
The end.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That was the BEST day of my life!

As you all know (from Christy's previous blog), we attended the Sent by Raven's Concert at the Channel on Friday night. We were working the door, but it was also made possible to stand FRONT row for the Sent by Ravens set. Christy instructed me, “You MUST get amazing pictures of the lead singer. YOU MUST.” So throughout the concert, I was snapping pictures and getting different angles of each band member. Christy warned me that the lead singer liked to lean into the crowd and grab concert-goers by the face and sing to them. I welcomed this, but never expected it to happen to me. So I was going about my business when he did it. He looked my way, bee-lined across the stage and grabbed my head. My immediate thought: “What do I do? Where do I look? Do I pull out my camera and try to get a picture?” In a matter of seconds, it was over. BUT...I was shaking! My adrenaline was pumping and with the fresh mark of sweat on my forehead I had my first forehead kiss. Below you will see the proof, it's ok...don't be jealous! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I joined Twitter a few months ago, and have been fairly passive with the whole experience. I usually respond to friends, but I mostly use it to “keep up on the news”. I have expanded the amount of people I follow. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, is my favorite person to follow on twitter. Not only does he give great advice, insight and information; but he also gives away free books! I am a book addict, but the first few giveaways I was lazy and did not even attempt to win the free book. Then....THEN....he was giving away Donald Miller's new book. Donald Miller is my favorite author. I own the majority of his published books and JUMPED at the chance to win his newest (not currently on shelves) book. All I had to do was simply post on Michael Hyatt's blog why I wanted/deserved the book. I immediately started racking my brain, “What should I write? What should I write?” I wanted to make it good, because I NEEEEDED this book. Not wanted.....NEEDED. I typed up what I thought was a sufficient comment, which went as follows:
“I own every book Donald Miller has had published, even the "ones that didn't sell as well." I had a friend suggest Blue Like Jazz, and she was ON FIRE about the book. So...one day at the bookstore I nonchalantly purchased a copy. I could NOT put it down. I just remember nodding the entire time I was reading the book. I felt like he was talking to me. Since I couldn't stop talking about the book to all of my friends, I bought another copy so I could lend it out (and still have a copy with me). It changed my life, and I know A Million Miles will do the same.”
I read and reread and agonized over whether this would be good enough AND to my great delight.....IT WAS!!!
I opened my email box and received this:
“You have been selected to receive a copy of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. The copies will be mailed out later this week but please give us a week or two to account for shipping.

I hope that you enjoy the book and that it transforms the way you think about your “story”!

Thank you for reading and commenting on michaelhyatt.com.

Lindsey “

WOOHOO! I won!!

Music and Mountains

This Labor Day weekend, Jennie and I had an awesome time rocking out and traveling. She'll probably write something about it as well, but I'm going to give an overview of the fun we had.
First, we worked the Sent by Ravens show at the Channel. Sent by Ravens is one of my favorite bands for two reasons:
•Their music rocks, and
•They are really nice, humble and friendly guys who go out of their way to have a nice conversation with us.
The highlights of the concert were that the lead singer of Sent by Ravens grabbed Jennie's head and sang into HER FACE during the concert (I have a crazy picture of this because in my excitement I was unable to zoom out, so the picture is nuts), and I got myself an unexpected hug from him. It was really fun.
The next day, we headed up to Brevard, NC where Jennie's close family friends have a house. The views of mountains and nature were absolutely breathtaking. Every angle, every peek, every stretch of sky was like a painting. We spent some restful days at the house and hiking in the mountains before returning home on Labor Day. Great weekend!