Monday, September 21, 2009

Piggy Peacock

Our next piggy is probably the biggest fashionista of the group. This piggy is courtesy of Tarsha, and if you've ever met Tarsha, this piggy is TOTALLY just like her! It's funny because it seems like a lot of the piggies have the same style as their creators. Go figure.
Piggy Peacock is covered is 24 carat gold (that is possibly an exaggeration), and is sporting diamond-encrusted eyes (again, only possibly exaggerated) and a sly smile. Why so sly, Piggy? Do you know something we don't? Or is it just that you know you are fabulous with your feathered tail and diamond eyes?
I don't have Piggy Peacock's official name. If you are a creative person (and all Banana Copenhagen readers are), go ahead and give it a shot in the comments section.
Side note: what the heck is a peacock? Is it a bird? or some distant relative to the rooster? (because let me tell you, the rooster got the short end of the stick in that gene pool...) Checking wikipedia...

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