Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I joined Twitter a few months ago, and have been fairly passive with the whole experience. I usually respond to friends, but I mostly use it to “keep up on the news”. I have expanded the amount of people I follow. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, is my favorite person to follow on twitter. Not only does he give great advice, insight and information; but he also gives away free books! I am a book addict, but the first few giveaways I was lazy and did not even attempt to win the free book. Then....THEN....he was giving away Donald Miller's new book. Donald Miller is my favorite author. I own the majority of his published books and JUMPED at the chance to win his newest (not currently on shelves) book. All I had to do was simply post on Michael Hyatt's blog why I wanted/deserved the book. I immediately started racking my brain, “What should I write? What should I write?” I wanted to make it good, because I NEEEEDED this book. Not wanted.....NEEDED. I typed up what I thought was a sufficient comment, which went as follows:
“I own every book Donald Miller has had published, even the "ones that didn't sell as well." I had a friend suggest Blue Like Jazz, and she was ON FIRE about the book. So...one day at the bookstore I nonchalantly purchased a copy. I could NOT put it down. I just remember nodding the entire time I was reading the book. I felt like he was talking to me. Since I couldn't stop talking about the book to all of my friends, I bought another copy so I could lend it out (and still have a copy with me). It changed my life, and I know A Million Miles will do the same.”
I read and reread and agonized over whether this would be good enough AND to my great delight.....IT WAS!!!
I opened my email box and received this:
“You have been selected to receive a copy of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. The copies will be mailed out later this week but please give us a week or two to account for shipping.

I hope that you enjoy the book and that it transforms the way you think about your “story”!

Thank you for reading and commenting on michaelhyatt.com.

Lindsey “

WOOHOO! I won!!

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  1. we are lucky ducks. I think we need to enter all of their contests since we seem to win whenever we enter them. Let me know how the book is.