Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Music and Mountains

This Labor Day weekend, Jennie and I had an awesome time rocking out and traveling. She'll probably write something about it as well, but I'm going to give an overview of the fun we had.
First, we worked the Sent by Ravens show at the Channel. Sent by Ravens is one of my favorite bands for two reasons:
•Their music rocks, and
•They are really nice, humble and friendly guys who go out of their way to have a nice conversation with us.
The highlights of the concert were that the lead singer of Sent by Ravens grabbed Jennie's head and sang into HER FACE during the concert (I have a crazy picture of this because in my excitement I was unable to zoom out, so the picture is nuts), and I got myself an unexpected hug from him. It was really fun.
The next day, we headed up to Brevard, NC where Jennie's close family friends have a house. The views of mountains and nature were absolutely breathtaking. Every angle, every peek, every stretch of sky was like a painting. We spent some restful days at the house and hiking in the mountains before returning home on Labor Day. Great weekend!

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  1. The Hills are alive with the sound of muuuuusic!!!
    Thanks for coming to NC with me, it was a blast!