Friday, February 27, 2009

Were they NAKED?

So I went to see Pilobolus last night, it was quite an interesting show. First let me share this information with you, the definition of Pilobolus according Wikipedia(the source of all information): "Pilobolus is a genus of fungi that commonly grows on herbivore dung." That should give you a little insight into what I had gotten myself into. If you know anything about this group, they are basically a human form of Gumby. Who needs a spine, when you can bend your body in half?! It was very enjoyable, but quite distracting. The part I found quite distracting was the Man-thong. All of the male performers were wearing nude-colored thongs. For about the first 75% of the show, I had to convince myself that they were not NAKED on stage. I went through all of the scenarios in my head, and figured out in the LAST act that they were in-fact wearing man thongs. Something I definitely could have done without, but it is for the sake of art?

Cat Lady Equation

The famous Cat Lady Equation came about one night when I was hanging out with my friends Loggins, Anjajog and BRM (**names have been changed to protect the innocent).
This issue is this: I want a puppy, but due to my semi-active social life and the fact that I’m single, it would be irresponsible to get one. So people suggest that I get a cat, because cats basically take care of themselves. Let me tell you something – suggesting getting a cat to someone who wants a puppy is like offering brussel sprouts to someone who craves chocolate cake. Truth. Plus, just as possession is 9/10 of the law, owning a cat is 30% of the way to be a cat lady.
The quintessential cat lady owns three cats, lives alone, has limited social interaction, and talks to/about her cats several times per day. Let’s say she is 100% cat lady.
Loggins, my dear friend, owns one cat, but talks about her incessantly (that bumps up your percentage, Loggins!), and feels the need to “entertain” her “friends” with “funny” stories about her cat. Loggins, luckily, has an active social life. Loggins is 35% cat lady.
I own no cats, but live alone and am single. I socialize with people, though. I am 5% cat lady.
Anjajog owns several cats, or, I guess I should say that several cats live at her house. But she’s also in a relationship (that puts the percentage way down!), and does not even mention her cats. Anja is -2% cat lady.
Also to note: “Cat Woman” is NOT the same as “Cat Lady”. Don’t confuse the two. One is very cool. The other is very not.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first one is stupid, but the rest will be masterpieces.

We are Jennie and Christy, two fun-loving girls who like to laugh. We amuse ourselves, so surely others will be amused by us. 
We'll post more soon, so check back - and we promise - the rest will be masterpieces.