Friday, February 27, 2009

Were they NAKED?

So I went to see Pilobolus last night, it was quite an interesting show. First let me share this information with you, the definition of Pilobolus according Wikipedia(the source of all information): "Pilobolus is a genus of fungi that commonly grows on herbivore dung." That should give you a little insight into what I had gotten myself into. If you know anything about this group, they are basically a human form of Gumby. Who needs a spine, when you can bend your body in half?! It was very enjoyable, but quite distracting. The part I found quite distracting was the Man-thong. All of the male performers were wearing nude-colored thongs. For about the first 75% of the show, I had to convince myself that they were not NAKED on stage. I went through all of the scenarios in my head, and figured out in the LAST act that they were in-fact wearing man thongs. Something I definitely could have done without, but it is for the sake of art?

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