Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Band is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

The name "Banana Copenhagen" came from a band that Jennie and I formed not too long ago. It’s an “all percussion, all the time” kind of band. It all began like this:
One day, when I was perusing the Internet, I found myself staring at a list of so-called bands. But not only had I never heard of ANY of the bands listed, but they just did not seem like real names. It looked like they were groups of 2 or 3 words thrown together. After asking our local band guru (we’ll call him…. bAnDRian) who confirmed that these were, in fact, real bands, Jennie and I decided to come up with some band names. Jennie, by the way, is awesome at this. Here are a few band names she came up with: Towards Forever, Never a Fool, Twice Removed, Tellers Ball, Tracing Daylight, Training Orange, So Forget You, Village Gnome, Black Together.
Y’all, this is a fun game! Try it sometime. Here are mine: Bicycle Amore, 3 Cheese Flier, Boomerang Slack, Elvis Right Now, Fiction Loss and Life, Innumerable Circumstances, Revellers in Deceit.
Anyway, Banana Copenhagen is our percussion band. And it’s not that it’s an “imaginary” band or “in our heads”; it’s just that we haven’t booked any gigs yet. We play the triangle, drums and tambourine - so if you hear of anyone that needs something like this, let us know and we'll start practicing.
Side note: Royal Copenhagen (pronounced cope-n-HAH-gyn) is an amazing ice cream shop in Australia that bakes homemade waffle cones all day that call out to me.
So now you know.


  1. Christy, did you actually type the word "Y'all"? What the heck is going on New Jersey?

    I want to play: Facial boredom, Listen purple, Tango potato, calendar tent.

    I think Tango potato is my favorite.

  2. Facial Boredom is my favorite of yours. But it has to be a band that plays, like, classical music or something. Or they can play something heavy and be named Facial Boredom ironically.
    Also, yes, the y'all happened. Sweet Tea, "y'all", owning hot curlers ... what happened to me? I'm losing my identity. I need to see a Bon Jovi concert STAT!

  3. ok ... my favorites:

    Tellers Ball
    Village Gnome
    Revellers in Deceit