Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh where, Oh where did clean TV go?

I would like to pose a question for you to think about: when did the shows on television become equivalent to HBO? I have been trying to pinpoint a certain moment in time when the tables turned and nudity/sex was “allowed” to be shown on TV. Now of course, Soap operas have ALWAYS been the exception to the rule. Many years ago (more than I care to remember), I was watching an episode of NYPD Blue when BOOM! Ricky Schroeder’s bum was plastered all over the TV screen. RICKY SCHROEDER?! Maybe that was the exact moment or maybe it happened when Janet Jackson showed the whole world her breast.
Nonetheless, I found myself watching a movie on lifetime yesterday. Yeah, yeah before you say anything…..I KNOW. Anyways….the movie was about this TEENAGE girl who was having an affair with her stepfather. Now, I am already NOT ok with that, but then they had to make it worse. Her love interest was ALEC BALDWIN. This young teenage girl was supposed to find ALEC BALDWIN attractive?! Since when was he attractive to anyone. EWWWW….It was bizarre! In the end, they decided to kill his wife to “be together.” The obvious twist, she turns him in and makes him take the fall for the whole thing. All is fair in love and war, I guess.


  1. 1A. I have seen that Lifetime movie. Seriously.
    2G. I know what you're talking about with the craziness on tv these days. I think I told you about this - now that I get only Nickelodeon and Disney channels, anytime I see something on Lifetime, I'm like "THIS IS PORN!" which... it basically is. But it's even more amplified since I basically only watch Hannah Montana and such.

  2. I remember back when that NYPD thing happened. I never actually saw it, but I remember someone at our church talking about it. I think that may be around the time TV started changing. They started the butt cheek craze and everyone else had to follow suit.

    Kind of on the same subject. What happened to kids shows on the Disney channel? When I was young and the Disney channel was a premium station that you had to subscribe to, they showed cartoons & childrens shows. Now it's all about the "tweens." I want to see Disney movies and Disney cartoons.

  3. Okay, completely unrelated to this, but sort of related is that when the whole Lorena Bobbitt thing was happening in the 90's my parent's wouldn't tell me what had happened. They like, referenced it on sitcoms (I specifically remember Roseanne saying something about it) and also it would come on the news (obviously) and my parents would turn the channel. And I would ask them and they would say that I couldn't know.

    Also, both of you need to stop watching Lifetime movies. I demand it.

    In conclusion, a note to Adrian, I love anything tween. Don't try to change it. I LOVE HANNAH MONTANA.

    And I still say that they need to bring back Ghost Writer. That was the best tv show of all time.