Thursday, March 26, 2009

Candy! Honey! How Many Times Have I Told You?!

Okay, so Jennie and I have a favorite family. They are the Clacks. Jennie and I do our best to try to be part of the family, whether they want us or not. They are loads of fun. There are 9 kids in the family, and I can correctly identify all of them at this point. They have super fun parties at their house (like the Oscars party where I won the “Yes, you are a hippie” award. Thank you, thank you). And, one of the things that enhances their coolness factor: half of them have awesome red hair (ranging from bright red to strawberry blonde).
Jennie L O V E S their hair and often walks up to whatever Clack is closest to her, puts her head really close to theirs, and says to me, “Christy, how do I get this color?”
So, last night, we were hanging out with (almost all of the) Clack ladies, and Jennie did this to Cindy’s wonderful dark red hair. And Cindy said to her, “You can drag me into a salon, and show them my hair, but they’re just going to say to you ‘CANDY! HONEY! How many times have I told you?! You can’t get that color from a bottle!!” Apparently, this has been done to Cindy before, and the woman (Candy), got that response from her hairdresser/husband.
Well, Jennie and I were in hysterics at that story. Do not be surprised when we bust out with “Candy! Honey! …” when we’re trying to emphasize a point.

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  1. It's so much funnier when you can hear the nasal accent he had when he said it!