Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are you having a bad hair day?!

My grandmother always tells me a certain “funny” story while reminiscing about when I was a child. The story takes place back in the late 80’s. We were riding in the car, this is a childhood memory I can actually remember (Now that does NOT happen often-I have like Childhood Amnesia or something), and I looked directly at my grandmother’s hands and said “You’re not old, Grandma, JUST your hands!” She proceeded to laugh hysterically, mostly because it was quite “out of the blue.” I can remember thinking, “Nothing on my grandmother looks old, but everybody says she is old, only her hands look OLD.” Needless to say, my grandmother LOVES that story and makes sure to tell it to me EVERYTIME we see each other.
Another story she likes to drudge up, happened later on in my awkward teen years. My grandmother was bugging me about wearing a hat. She couldn’t figure out why I was wearing one and she wanted me to take it off. I proceeded to YELL “GRANDMA, I AM HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY, LEAVE ME ALONE.” Much to my dismay, she laughed and laughed. Now EVERYTIME I see her she asks me, “Are you having a bad hair day?”


  1. Jennie, supermodels such as yourself never have a bad hair day! This story is fallacy.

  2. grandmas are funny. just weeks after giving birth to Amber, I walked into my grandmothers house. She said, "Goodness Cyndi, your butt is getting big."