Friday, March 6, 2009

Privacy, PLEASE?

So I work in a cubicle. It is very Office Space, if you know what I mean? However, I have little privacy. Instead of a small opening, I have a very LARGE opening into my cubicle. I also work in a main hallway with a lot of foot traffic, so as a result EVERYONE can see EVERYTHING I do. I must also preface this story by saying, my computer screen is GINORMUS. So one day while clipping art and earning my buck, I hear (quite loudly), “Those are some BIIIIIGGGG Biscuits!” My first thought was, “HELLO HR, here we come!” My second thought was….well….Actually that was my only thought. Granted I was clipping a can of biscuits, but um……can you say Sexual Harassment?!


  1. I need to know who said this to you. INAPPROPRIATE.

    I do sympathize with your problem. I have way less privacy as I am literally in the middle of an open room at a desk and there are about 20 people situated so that they look in the direction of my screen. Since my job sometimes involves research such as how the heck do I draw a unicorn, so I have to look up unicorns ... and then it never fails that the first unicorn that comes up on my screen is nude and in a compromising position of some sort. Which is embarrassing. This is probably an awkward example.

  2. Yeah, Google's safesearch is not always so safe.