Monday, March 23, 2009

Subway Perks

Everybody knows that Subway is known for helping overweight people lose weight, but did you know that employees will also pay you compliments in exchange for your money. If I were telling this story in person I would do a reenactment; but since it is through my blog, I will restate the conversation accurately.
Subway employee: What can I get for you?
Me: I would like a Chicken Bacon Ranch
Blah, Blah, Blah I will skip the boring part.
The subway employee looks at me with persistent eyes.
Subway employee: I like your earrings.
Me: Thanks, the bigger the better!
Subway employee: Yeah, they’re PIMP.
Me (looking strangely at him): Thanks, they are new…
Subway employee: I just had to say something, because they are awesome.

I proceeded to scold my fashionista sister for not having given me a compliment the ENTIRE day, I had to go to Subway to get a compliment about my new earrings!
As I was retelling this story to Christy, she intensely listened as I offered his response to my comment “the Bigger the better.” Not having realized my horrible use of the expression, she could NOT believe that he didn’t ask me to go into the back room with him. LESSON LEARNED. Also, this just proves how innocent I really am. So….the next time you are feeling down about your appearance, visit your local Subway!


  1. Thank you for that important information Jennie. Also, you are dirty for making that comment. I would have lost it at that point had you told me that story live and in person.

  2. snorting tea out my nose laughing ... !!!!