Thursday, March 19, 2009

A rose by any other name...

I love coming up with nicknames for people. Granted, a lot of my nicknames are not very creative (Beardy has a beard, Sweaty Blue Shirt was wearing a blue shirt and was sweaty, Joe Schmo is a tool). But some of the nicknames are well thought out.
Loggins, for example, got her nickname when she exhibited an abnormal amount of enthusiasm over the song “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers at karaoke night. Kenny Rogers lead to Kenny Loggins (whom Loggins had never heard of – the shame!), and there you have it. Perfect for her: Loggins.
I don’t actually refer to Jennie by any nickname, unfortunately, but there are a few that come to mind. I used to say her nickname was Hot Pocket. It started because she used to bring Hot Pockets for lunch every once in awhile, but that’s not even what I think of when I (seldomly) call her by that name. Hot Pocket connotes a cute, bright person, and that’s what Jennie is!
I also like to refer to her as Silence of the Glam. The reasons are two-fold:
1. She is a glam girl.
2. The girl has a problem with the phone. She will deny this (I promise you – there will be a comment), but half the time that I call her, I only know that she has answered because I realize that the ringing has stopped. This is how a typical conversation between me and Silence of the Glam goes:

Phone: Ring! Ring! …..
Glam: ….
Me: ….HELLO?
Glam: I said hello.
Me: Put your mouth on the phone.
Glam: It was! You have a problem hearing!
(Okay – this is true, but that’s for another blog posting, and my hearing is NOT the problem.)
Me: You need to speak into the phone when you’re talking on it.
Glam: I am!

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Those of you who have spoken to Jennie on the phone have inevitably run into Silence of the Glam.
I don’t really have a nickname for Jog (I mean, I call her Jog in the blog, but that’s really just an alias, to protect her innocence.). I'll have to think of something.
Last thing: I love to call people “punk”. It’s not really a nickname, it’s just a thing I call people. For some reason, it just tickles me to sound like an 80-year-old woman sometimes. So I like to say things like, “Those punk kids were up to no good on the corner, smoking the marijuana cigarettes and wearing dungarees with holes in ‘em!”


  1. Um, is Jog me? Because I have more nicknames than anyone else in the world and no one calls me by any of them.

    I love Silence of the Glam. I always picture this horribly filmed mockumentary about a glamorous girl who starts peeling off peoples faces and wearing them ... because I think of Jennie and then I think of Silence of the Lambs which inevitably leads to people wearing other peoples faces ... not sure why it would be a mockumentary though. Hmmm.. And yes, I realize that this is an exasperatingly long scenario to picture in my head when I hear you say Silence of the Glam but it is sort of like a dream ... it seems really long but it is actually only a few seconds.

  2. Yeah - You're Jog (Anjajog). But I don't "call" you that. It's just for anonymity on the site that only you and people that know you visit.

  3. ok, so referring to Jennie as hot pocket would make me think of Andy calling Jim Big Tuna.