Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grease or not to Grease

So Christy and I have been volunteering at the Channel lately. It is a Christian music venue in Greenville. You should check it out, they have some great shows We have made a few observations while working there, so here are some of them.
Have you ever noticed that guys in bands are somewhat greasy? A large portion of them are “good greasy.” So you ask, how can greasy be good?” Most of the time, the greasy hair is due to pomade. The occasional band member assumes the grease is “natural”, shall we say? This is when the grease goes bad. It is a thin line, a very thin line.
So remember fellas: Good grease=excessive amounts of pomade. Bad Grease=not bathing for 2 weeks.
Another observation we have made, Guys in bands are hot. It doesn’t actually matter what they look like. Their hotness goes up like 80% when they have a guitar strapped around their neck. There is the occasional “pretty-boy” who is trying to look hot, but the others pretty much are without trying. Why this occurs is a mystery to me…..

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