Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, the fun we had

Couple riding jet ski
So I got back from the beach, and what a time it was! Those of you who know me, or ever met me, or have read this blog, know that I wasn't necessarily looking forward to this vacation.
But it was really amazing this year. We made sure we did a bunch of things other than just sit on the beach. Like... well, I met a really handsome guy and we went jet-skiing! That's a picture of us!
Just kidding.
My family did go jet-skiing, but here's what actually happened:
• My mom and I went over the 20-minute time limit and ended up giving my sister less time on the jet ski than we intended.
• Dylan wanted OFF the jet-ski; Cassidy did not want to get off.
• My dad, brother and Dylan fell off the jet-ski while trying to retrieve my father's hat from the bay.
• The hat, and my dad's glasses are gone. Forever.
We also went to the USS North Carolina battleship which was pretty amazing, and we explored Wilmington, which was a really cute town. My brother came at the last minute, so that made the trip even better.
My favorite memories are playing a bocce ball/golf beach game while the sunset and holding Cassidy, all wrapped up in her beach towel, and singing to her on the beach.
It was a great trip, and a great time with the family.


  1. sounds like a wonderful time. Chris grew up in Wilmington. We haven't been there in a long time. Need to plan a visit.

  2. it SOUNDS good, glad you had a good time. I'll still take prayer credit....