Friday, July 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend!

View of a pond in front of an official-looking building as fireworks burst overhead
It's a 3-day weekend! Woo hoo!! Jennie and I separately had the same bright idea, that 3-day weekends don't come around so often so we need to take advantage of them. So we'll be enjoying a wonderful time with our families and I cannot wait. I think we'll even be getting out of work a little early to get started!
I think one of my favorite fourth of July memories was the year after I graduated college. I was still living in New Jersey, and my friend and college roommate, Trish, was living with me for the summer. She had gotten some sort of invitation from an old college professor (a dance instructor - yes, she took a dance class in college for fun.... and I did, too!) that his dance troupe was performing in NYC at one of the piers. So on the morning of the fourth, we drove to Staten Island and took the ferry across to Manhattan.
We wandered around the city, which was strangely empty for the holiday. We sat in Starbucks and read the paper, sipping our frozen drinks. We ran in a fountain. I remember it was crazy hot and we were desperately trying to stay cool. Finally, we went to the show and watched these amazing dancers perform, right at the end of one of the piers in downtown New York. Then we walked around a little bit more. And Then.... Then, we realized it was indeed the fourth of July of we were in New York City, so we got the heck out of there before the crowds came in for the fireworks that night.
I think we spent a quite evening in little ol' Budd Lake, New Jersey that night. I'm not even sure where we watched the fireworks. It was a great time with a wonderful friend.

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