Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christy will be famous someday...

Christy has doubts about her amazing writing talent, but I am here to tell all of you that she WILL be a famous writer someday. AND....I plan on riding her coattail all the way to the TOP. I have already made plans to be her stylist/administrative assistant when this occurs.
Christy has one of the most creative minds of anyone I know. The way her mind works in conjuring up story lines and adding imagery to the story is amazing.
She gives life to her characters, characters with unique personalities. Characters you can relate too.
She often comes into work saying "I thought of a story last night that I am going to write." She proceeds to explain an authentic, carefully detailed storyline. I often wonder if my mouth is hanging open, because I can't fathom coming up with something like that in a YEAR, let alone a night.
This simple fact is why Christy blogs more than I do. I love blogging--I just have trouble coming up with things to talk about.
So Cheers to Christy! Talented, Smart and the only reason this blog is still alive!


  1. ummm...I totally commented on this and it disappeared. Anyway! THANKS, JENNIE! This makes me blush. You're too sweet - and your encouragement is what gets those stories written! Thanks, friend!

  2. Can I lock in a job now before the fame? Remember? I get to put all the blue m&m's together right?! Great post Jennie and very true