Friday, June 25, 2010

The Cool - & Fabricated - Lives of Others

Person painting sky on wall with paint roller (Digital Composite)
First, I was going to write about the giant moth that has moved in with me and is sharing my living space. I finally got up the nerve to try to shoo it out, and it attacked me and is currently hiding somewhere in my house plotting its revenge (and adapting to the roach spray that I sprayed on it. I'm picturing fangs and a wing-span of a large bird the next time I see it). But the thing is, that story is basically all there it to it, and it's kind of typical of what goes on in my household, anyway.
So here's another story:
I once tweeted (twittered? twitted?): "be forewarned: if I follow you on twitter and have never met you in real life, I make up FANTASTIC details about your life."
It's true. But don't worry; it's all good stuff. Usually. I very much like making up what other people's lives are like. Isn't that second nature? Isn't that why we "people watch" and even have a such thing as Facebook?
I've often thought to myself, "hey Beautiful, we should just get rid of Facebook. It's dumb." (oh yes, yes, the royal "we" happens when I talk to myself.) And it is, but my next thought is "But Gorgeous! If we get rid of Facebook, then how will we know when that girl we weren't friends with in high school is going to her PTA meetings?" And I'm not even being sarcastic in that thought. It's
kind of cool to see what other people are doing with their lives.
For example, I'm currently **friends** with a bunch of kids that I wasn't friends with in high school. One of them has some sort of job where he travels all over the world, and is based in Australia. So he's always posting stuff like, "Who is in Barcelona? Let's hang out tonight!" And there's this other **friend** who is in a cool indie band in Portland, Maine and is always writing about making his album and playing shows. These are things I never could have guessed about these guys when we were in high school! It's just super cool to see how everyone's life has turned out.
So, while I know these tidbits about them, there are so many blanks to fill in, and fill them in I do! (hey - I'm a writer. I have to use my imagination!)
What do you imagine about people?


  1. I thought you were going to say that you were leaving facebook.... then I picked myself up from the fetal position I was in on the floor and realized that you were just commenting. I like that you compliment yourself when talking to yourself. Those are all the thoughts I have. You know I love cyber stalking, so your thoughts ARE my thoughts...

  2. well, I don't know what I imagine but I do know this. I'd rather be sharing my space with a moth than with the mouse I just saw scurry under my bed. Next time you see Stephen, ask him about my reaction. LOL!

  3. oooooh yes, I choose moth over mouse, definitely! Haha, I can't wait to hear the story from Stephen!!

    Lori - I think about getting rid of Facebook all the time, but I'd be so lost without it. Seriously, though, one day...