Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Secret Obsession

Close-up of a hairdresser's hand cutting a woman's hair with scissors
Jennie is back from vacation! And all is right with the world again.
So, to celebrate, I'm going to reveal a secret obsession that both Jennie and I have (sorry Jennie!). She's definitely going to kill me for this, but it's true, so we might as well talk about it online:

Jennie and I are obsessed with having long hair.

Now, Jennie has thick, beautiful, wavy brown hair. I have limp, straight, thin blonde(ish) hair. So, for Jennie, this whole plan to grow out our hair will go just fine. She just needs to be patient.
But for me, the longer my hair gets, the thinner and sadder it becomes, until it's like 2 little tendrils hanging down my back. Sound pretty?
So we try to remind each other not to cut our hair off, because you know how it goes: every few months one of us is like "Let's get a cute, short haircut!" but then we'll remember why we need to just get a trim...... the looooong hair pact.

Okay. So full disclosure: we want long hair because of Hannah Montana. Seriously. We saw the movie, and there's this scene where Miley Cyrus is alone in a field and hears her horse running toward her. In slow motion, and with about 25 wind machines whirring, she whips around, her long locks following over her shoulder. No joke: in the movie theater, Jennie and I turned to each other and said, "I want long hair." (okay, no comments about seeing the Hannah Montana movie in the theater, please!)

Meanwhile, like I said, my hair is not so conducive to the whole "long hair" thing, so my hair, blowing in the wind, would probably look a lot more like this:

So, that's a No.

We'll see what happens. Jennie and I have both been really good about growing our hair and keeping to our pact. My hair is longer than it's been in years, and I'm relying on Jennie to let me know if it's starting to look unacceptable. She'll tell me if I need to just give up the pact and get a haircut.


  1. If all else fails, go the extension route(remember the convo we had about black girl hair). Instant long, flowing hair!

  2. I am sure that most of the hair that I admire is extensions. I think you're right. I think I may be the only girl left in the world without extensions. I'M DOING IT!

  3. This made me laugh and laugh!! WE WILL HAVE HANNAH MONTANA HAIR!!

  4. OK, did I only dream that I left a comment on this post?

    Just letting the two of you know that I am sending you some blog love!

  5. a little birdie told me you liked this post (and, with that statement, I have officially turned into my mother), so we are feeling very loved! Thanks for still reading, Cyndi!!