Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Lies

Close-up of a wooden Pinocchio puppet
Have you ever said something, and then later found out that you told a lie? But then the result of your accidental lie turned out to be in your favor? This recently happened to me. I call it a sweet lie. I lost my badge for work, which was old and gross and was missing the clippy thing that makes it fun to twirl around your fingers. At my company, if you lose your badge, they print out a new one for free, but if you just want a new one for whatever reason, they make you pay $1. Well, since I lost mine, they printed me out a new one and it was clean and free and had the clippy thing so I can twirl and twirl and twirl (until clippy falls off again). And then... two days ago, I was moving a futon out of my room, and I found my badge. My old, gross badge. Sweet lies.
Another time this happened to me was when I was supposed to receive a promotional gift for signing up with my cable company: a free portable DVD player. Well, months went by and I finally called the company and reported to them that I never received the gift. About two weeks later, I got a portable DVD player in the mail. And then about two weeks after that, I got another one. Now, I choose to think of this as some error on their part, because really about 3 months passed before I reported to them that I never received the DVD player (although they really didn't believe me when I told them, but that's just their stellar customer service at work). So now I have two portable DVD players that I never use. Sweet lies.

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  1. As the judge of all things moral, I'm going to say sweet lies are fine!....(only because I can use a portable dvd player and am hoping that your conscience will give one to me...).

    And about the badge... um, they should have a "turn in a nasty badge and get a new one free" policy. That's the least they can do with everything that's been taken away....