Monday, June 21, 2010

Competing Posts

Two young men arm wrestling
So basically, my friend is a liar. Just kidding!
But my friend told her version of the story on her blog (which is awesome), and here's my version (aka Truth).
Picture this: Hollywood* and I are minding our own awesome business, walking on Main Street in our beautiful downtown. Now, I don't know what happened. What happened? I don't know.
There used to be a curfew so the punks and hooligans would be all snug as bugs in rugs, tucked in bed by 10 pm. Alas, last Saturday night, it was about 10:15 or so and there were children - children! - acting crazy on the streets of our downtown. And while I enjoy exaggerating and romanticizing (see: later in this post), this is Truth: the kids were as young as 11 years old. Packed. On. The. Sidewalks.
So the streets were electric. There was this whole antsy feeling in the air, like something was going to happen. And it did.
All of a sudden, a ruckus, a rumble, a rough and tumble-roughhousing (yes, I referred to it as all of those that night. And was disappointed when Hollywood kept calling it a fight.) broke out. Kids started running and shouting, then people were pulling youngsters out of the middle of the crowd and walking away. The police car that was right there? Empty. Finally, the police came running up, and two more followed on these sad bicycles with an even sadder siren, and the arrested like 2 people. Which - who knows how they decided who to arrest? Anyway, it was over in a matter of minutes, mostly before the police even showed up to the scene.
The news van was there, but they didn't want my story, which definitely figured more like this in my head:
I tried to bond with some guy about how kids today need boundaries and curfews and such, but then Hollywood pulled me away, because frankly, I was getting a little too excited about the rumble.
So. That's that. And I don't know maybe the police forgot there was a curfew, or if there's somehow not a curfew anymore, but I'm wondering exactly what they're waiting for before this "curfew" we have is enforced. Because it needs to be. I mean: those kids need their sleep, if nothing else!
Five points for each word that proves I'm an old lady in this post.
*Names have been changed to protect the liars.


  1. This post was super awesome! I was actually laughing out loud. That's what I get for picking a fight with a writer. And I think the 2000's term for getting served is "Booya"... I proudly accept my defeat. But it warms my heart a little bit to know that you included "fight" in your post...

  2. I had a real life re-enactment of the event, which was awesome.
    Hooligans 5 pts
    Punks 5 pts
    "Kids need sleep" 5 pts

  3. ahhh, Jennie. How I love thee.