Friday, June 11, 2010

Tricky English Language

Screaming Executive
We're, um, a little bit stressed at work today. It's been a long week for us. Like.... hours-wise, mental-wise, nerves-wise. So we took a great lunch break altogether and it really helped because our waitress was terrible. Isn't it funny the crazy things that help stress?
For example, it helps me when I walk from my cubicle to the printer. 16 steps. It really helps me.
So, just seconds ago, my boss (and friend), was proofing pages and exclaimed "Son of a Monkey!"
What could lead to such an exclamation? She thought the word dietitian was spelled wrong on like 20 pages. Is it dietitian? or dietician? Well, a quick look on tells us it's dietitian. Crisis averted. "Tricky English Language," she muttered, checking the rest of the pages.
But, there are other issues. Other mistakes. Other things not done. The week isn't over. But it will be... it will be.... soon... right?

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