Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, I have an idea!

Businessman with lightbulb
Here's what happened. I read an article that said that there's going to be a Fraggle Rock movie. A. Fraggle. Rock. Movie. And you know what? Maybe everything that I write in this post from this moment on will be a moot point, and the movie will be fascinating. But, folks, it won't.
Why destroy another relic of childhood? Why can't people come up with new ideas? And, no, this isn't all about Fraggle Rock. I'm just really emotional on the subject since "they" are remaking or reformatting or whatever, the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME: The Karate Kid. And, sure, Jackie Chan is a wizard, and Jaden Smith is adorable, but .... The Karate Kid? They couldn't even just call it something different? Because... I know the Karate Kid. I've met the Karate Kid. And you, Jackie Chan, are no Mr. Miyagi (and adorable Jaden Smith: You're no Daniel-san).
So back to Fraggle Rock. Are there no new ideas for movies? I mean: there was the Hannah Montana movie, but even the premise of that show is a direct rip-off from that old Saved By The Bell episode where international rock star Stevie visits Miss Bliss and acts like a normal kid instead of a rock star and Zach kisses her but doesn't realize it's her .... ANYWAY.
So here's what I'm thinking. I'm going to write a movie, and it'll be this awesome flick about this girl who gets stuck baby-sitting these kids after her boyfriend cancels their date because he's "sick". But they end up having to go to NYC to pick up her friend, and they get stuck in all these ADVENTURES in the city WHILE BABYSITTING. Or, I'll write a movie about this funny and spirited but mess of an UNCLE, named BUCK, who has to watch his sister's kids while the parents are away. Mayhem ensues! Or how about these two nerds who create the perfect woman on their computer, using just their WEIRD knowledge and whatever SCIENCE they know.
Or, the classic that everyone has ripped off: five kids from all different walks of life (oh... I don't know... a brain, a jock, a princess, a basket-case and a criminal, let's just say), get stuck in detention on a Saturday. You know what happens.


  1. except I fully endorse them making a 21 Jump Street movie, if Zac Efron is starring. (And Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp!)

  2. i'm sensing quite a lot of anger in this post....