Monday, May 4, 2009

My iDisdain for iCarly

Clearly I should not be watching this show, since I am probably close to 20 years older than the suggested demographic, but I get like 3 channels on my TV, so here we go.
If you have never seen the show before, it's about a tweenaged girl named Carly, who lives with her 20-something brother (who is also her legal guardian). She and her 2 friends have a web-show, and we are led to believe that she is "famous" or something.
Here are my problems with this show:
iCarly's older brother, Spencer, is completely irresponsible in the few episodes I've seen of this show. Carly has little to no supervision and she and her friends - who have pretty awful home lives of their own (it is basically suggested that her friend Samantha lives with an alcoholic mother who is happy to leave her daughter with her friend and said friend's 20-something brother all day and all night) - are left to their own devices to get into trouble that in real life would leave them abducted or in jail.
Here's a summation from wikipedia: "Spencer went to law school for three days, and his marginal law knowledge has occasionally proven useful to Carly and her friends, such as in the episode iPromote Techfoots, when Carly and the gang use Spencer as their lawyer to get out of a contract with Daka Shoes." Um, no. Just no. Three days of law school = almost learning your class schedule; NOT knowing anything about the law. There are actually about 40 things wrong with the plot of that episode.
One of the features of the iCarly show is that viewers email in requests to see iCarly and her friend Samantha (Sam) do crazy things online. Some of the requests that I've seen: a male viewer requested close-ups of Carly and Sam sticking their tongues out as far as they could go. Another viewer requested that Carly and Sam dress up in cheerleader uniforms and wrestle each other with foam-covered bats. Does anyone else find this incredibly inappropriate? Do I just have a dirty mind here? I ... don't think so. Perhaps if the children had proper supervision they would not be made pawns in the perverse world of online predators.
My next issue is with Miranda Cosgrove, herself. The girl cannot speak any line at a normal decibal level. She yells everything.
And finally ... I have had it (HAD! IT!) with all of the Disney stars trying to be singers. It's one thing if the kid already has talent (ahem, Zac Efron) or the plan was to be a singer all along (ahem, Miley/Hannah). But why - why?! - do all Disney stars have to be singers, too? I'm looking at you, too, Mitchell Musso. Some people should just act. And some people shouldn't even do that. Miranda Cosgrove is a pretty girl, but she is not a singer. She cannot even keep rhythm to her own song.
Watch the music video here.


  1. I am sure Adrian will have a lot to say about this topic...
    I however have never seen the show, but I have seen her lack of rhythm :)

  2. So, I haven't seen you this upset about something in a very long time. You bring up very valid points though. And since when don't you have cable? Oh, since you started getting internet and ... I get it. I think the next episode should be one where Carly and Sam go meet this really cute guy (who they met online) and when they get to his house he has made cookies and right before he locks them in a basement and holds them captive for 20 years, dateline shows up and saves the day. And then her idiot brother goes to jail for practicing law without a license. I need to watch this show ... you know I love tween drama.

  3. I LOVE your comments. Anja - you NEED to see Adrian's impression of iCarly's dancing skills. Jennie and I were rendered speechless.
    I stopped with the cable after being informed that our iEconomy would directly affect my iPaycheck.

  4. Hahaha. Can I say that although I am rendered speechless by the blog, I am at the same time enchanted by the comments.

  5. Hahaha. Can I say that although I am rendered speechless by the blog, I am at the same time enchanted by the comments.

  6. Oops! I have iproblems of my own.