Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 things....of this I am sure!

A social standard exists telling us not to talk about certain topics with friends. I am against this “unwritten rule.” When talking with close friends, I believe one of the ways you are able to get to know a person better is to discuss such topics. You are able to get a feel for what they believe, how they feel about certain ideas giving you an opportunity to agree or disagree in a conflict-free way. I have several friends who disagree with me politically, but because we are mature adults, we are able to talk about the issues in a calm manner. I also feel like when you know somebody well you lower the chance of offending them without knowing! However, I do believe there are certain topics that should be left out of the workplace.
The three things you should NEVER talk about at WORK:
1. Sex
2. Money
3. Politics
Talking about sex with coworkers coincides with the overshare issue I talked about in a previous blog entry. Like I always say, “Keep your PRIVATE life PRIVATE, please.”

Money is a very private thing to most people, although I never really understood that. I definitely do not talk about money much with coworkers (with the exception of Christy who=BFF). I do however talk about money with friends. My parents are always very weird about money or talking about it in front of friends. I feel we have entered a time when it doesn’t have to be such a secret. Thanks Dave Ramsey!
Politics should also be kept out of the workplace. The topic of politics can create a very tense environment, making it difficult to continue the workday in a pleasant manner. Keeping a pleasant atmosphere at work is very important to me, which is actually kind of ironic if you know anything about my current work situation.

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