Monday, July 13, 2009

You say "Po-Tah-To"....

I was just discussing my love of accents with Jennie, and she suggested I write a blog. What a great idea, Jennie! Or, as my father would say, "What a great, idear!"
I know that I have some sort of an accent, now that I live in the south. Even in NJ, southern Jersey people would talk about my New York accent (it's .... not. But they're south Jersey, so what do they know?). Greenville is kind of a melting pot sort of mish-mash of accents, which is kind of nice.
But, I really really love foreign accents. So much so that I would move to a foreign country in a heartbeat if my family would relocate with me. In no particular order, here are some of my "idears" on foreign accents.
Russian = randomly attractive.
German = scary. Stop yelling at me!
French = yes. Thank you. Merci. Oui. Hot.
Australian = surfer dude hot.
Irish = you might beat me up, or meet me for tea. It's a toss up.
English = there are a million different English accents so this one's hard to tell. But I really enjoy listening to anyone with an English accent. Random trivia: every Sue I work with is British. Every British woman I work with is named Sue.
Scottish = True story: I lived with a guy from Edinborough for like 2 months, and I barely understood a word he said the entire time. But we had a mutual love of M&Ms that needs no language.
Finnish = again with the yelling. Heini, who was my roommate in Oz told me that if I heard her speaking in her language to someone (which, I did), I would always think she was arguing with them (which, I did), because they don't have the inflection or fluctuation in their tones like we have. Very interesting.
That's all I can think of right now. I also enjoy the Canadian accent (Toronto), but I think they might think I'm making fun of them because I tend to repeat words they pronounce differently. "Sorry" Degrassi. That is all.

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