Monday, July 6, 2009

10 Reasons I love my Real Estate Agent

Some of you know that I am currently House Hunting.....I have found a few places I like, but House Hunting wouldn't be fun without my REAL ESTATE AGENT.

Ten Reasons I love my Real Estate Agent
1.She refers to all of her clients as “friends”. At first I thought they really were her friends, until EVERY client she talked about was her “friend.”
2.When referring to my monthly mortgage payments, she lets me know that every “thousand dollas” will add “sixty dollas” to my monthly payment.
3.She immediately asked me where I was from, because “I didn't have an accent like her.”
4.She is honest with me. Direct Quote: “I don't like this place, it doesn't show well AT ALL. I am not supposed to say that, but if I am being honest...”
5.Her email replies to me are always four words. “Will be in touch.”
6.She has three names. True Southerner.
7.She complains about her touch phone and how annoying it is.
8.She smiles. A LOT.
9.She is very laid back, like me!
10.I remind her of her daughter, who is “around your same age.”


  1. I have a confused picture of this person in my head. Number 2 makes me think of a large black woman while number 4 makes me think of a Vera Bradley lip plumper and numbers 6, 7, 8 and 10 make me think of an older, very primped typical Southern woman.

    Help ... me ...

  2. um. I already commented on this. But here I go again.
    I also love your realtor. Ugh. My first comment on this was way better.