Monday, November 9, 2009

Bumpits FAIL

Like I said the other day, Jennie and I tried out an As Seen on TV product, and it was a big bust. We tried out Bump Its, which I had understood was a hair product that would give more body to flat, limp hair. Well, nobody has thinner, straighter, more lifeless hair than me, so we tried it out on my hair. What follows is photo documentation of the fail. 
At first, we took a large section of my hair and put the bumpit behind it, but the bumpit was about halfway down the back of my head, so we realized we needed to use less hair (I believe my quote was, "Only my bangs? Only my bangs will cover it?"), and move the bumpit up more toward the top of my head. 

As you can see, my thin, flat, lifeless hair does NOT cover the bumpit. Here's a closer look:

So we realized that bumpits are, in fact, NOT designed for people who have thin hair. Luckily, Jennie has much thicker hair than I do, so we tried it on her....

Well, hey! That doesn't look so bad (except, of course, that it looks ridiculous). Oh, you want a closer look so see how Jennie's hair hides the Bumpit? Okay....

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