Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Analysis

So I'm not great at this, but I'll try my best. The image at the right is from Banana Copenhagen's very own analysis located at Google Analytics. I'm dabbling, folks. Doing my best.
So we got a record number of visits on Tuesday, April 6, because that was the day I was supposed to post the Stuff Christians Like post, but since I was away for several days before that and didn't return until the next day, it didn't happen. Whoops! Sorry to everyone who wanted to read the Stuff Christians Like scorecard and only got one of our regular posts instead. I sincerely hope you enjoyed what you read.
I'm really surprised to find out some other stuff from Google Analytics. For example, most of our visitors come from South Carolina, especially the upstate area, which makes sense, since both Jennie and I live around here (hi, Mom!). But we also get a good deal of traffic from Texas and California, which are two states that I love, not only because the great citizens have amazing taste in blogs, but also because I've met some wonderful, friendly, funny and smart people from those states in my travels. South Carolinians and Californians really like to take their time on our site and stay awhile. Nice! Kick up your feet and make yourselves at home, friends!
People really like Jennie's blog on going barefoot for TOMS. Go, Jennie!
I also apologize for the person who ended up on our site after searching for what to do in Copenhagen for 9 days. I hope you eventually found what you were looking for! And maybe you got a chuckle out of this site....

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