Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Advice from Cassidy

The latest advice from my 5-year-old niece:

Cassidy: AUNT CHRISTY! Your jeans have a hole in them!
Me: I know.
Cassidy: How did you get that?
Me: I bought them with the hole. I didn't know they had a hole when I bought them. Isn't that silly?
Cassidy (laughing): YES. That's so silly!
Me: Seriously, though, listen to me. Never buy jeans with holes in them.
Cassidy: I won't! That's too silly!
Me: No - really. Pay attention to this: Promise me that you won't buy jeans with holes in them, no matter what the style is.
Cassidy: I won't! You're so silly!

Another day:
Cassidy (holding up a DVD in a store): I saw this one! It's about a girl who kisses a frog and he turns into a prince and then they get married!
Me: Wow.
Cassidy: But .... NEVER kiss a frog.
Me: Why? Because then you have a marry him?
Cassidy: No, because then you turn into a frog.
Me: (laughs)
Cassidy: Really. NEVER. KISS. A. FROG.
Me: Okay.

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  1. OK, the picture says it all, but, just in case we don't get how extraordinary she is, we can always fall back on the conversations.