Thursday, April 16, 2009

Was that a dream?

Christy always tells me that I have a great memory. I never forget a face, and I don’t forget names very often. On a different note, I also have very vivid realistic dreams. I dream most nights and sometimes it is very difficult for me to distinguish whether a dream is real or not. Case in point: My grandfather passed away when I was 3 years old. I don’t really remember him, but I do remember the stories about him told by my mother. For most of my life, I would tell friends that my mother and grandmother found my grandfather sitting in his recliner dead; He had a heart attack. It was only 5 years ago that I learned this is not how it happened at all. My mother recalls the event to me: “We were all standing in the kitchen talking and your grandfather had a massive heart attack in front of us. He died in front of us.” So how do I explain this to the mass amounts of people I have essentially lied to. My only explanation for this is a dream. I must have had a dream at some point, making me believe that my grandfather died alone. This fact scares me….A LOT. Another fact that scares me: sometimes I have dreams and they come true. I will often say “deja-vu”, and I will rack my brain trying to figure out why that moment is deja-vu. Many times I will figure it out, I DREAMED IT! I know it is hard to believe but this actually happened to me the other day. SCARY I KNOW!


  1. I make up memories from my childhood as well. Nothing quite as creepy as how my grandfather died (no offense). Just other stuff, like I TOTALLY remember going to Disney World with my cousin as a child. Never happened. Went with other kids several times but never my cousin. Oh well. The mind is a generally creepy place.

  2. Having a good memory is a great gift. Did you know that such a memory gets you elected mayor, or other politically-elected posts? Jennie for President!