Monday, March 29, 2010

A Feast! of the Unleavened Bread!

Matzo bread
I like to celebrate the Jewish Holy days. Or, at least, observe them in some way, since I'm usually pretty ill-equipped and caught off guard when the day rolls around. Sundown today is the beginning of Passover, the Feast of the Unleavened Bread.
Several years ago, when I was dating a nice Jewish boy, I had the honor of attending Passover with his family. I absolutely loved the tradition, the symbolism, the reverence for history. It was amazing. And basically, from that point on, I decided that I needed to embrace the holy days as a part of the way I celebrate my own faith. After all, my Messiah celebrated these things as a part of his faith.
Passover celebrates the the Hebrews' escape from slavery in Egypt. After suffering through 10 plagues, Pharoah finally got the message from God and freed the Hebrews. They were so excited that they left without letting the bread rise, which explains the "Feast of the Unleavened Bread" and also the Matzo that is eaten at traditional Passover dinners. At the dinner (seder) each individual food holds a meaning. Stories are told, songs are sung. Everything that takes place holds a deep meaning to what happened over 2000 years ago.
It's really amazing and if you've never been a part of a seder, you should totally experience one.

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