Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucky the Leprechaun!

Water Drops Falling onto Leaves
Real conversations with my sister (L J), nephew (Dylan, 6 years old) and niece (Cassidy, 4 years old) regarding St. Patrick's Day:

LJ: Did you know that I'm a little bit Irish, and that means you guys are a little bit Irish!
Dylan: What part of you is Irish?
LJ: (pointing to her nose): This part
Cassie: (to me) What part of you is Irish?
Me: My freckles are Irish.

Me: Grandpa's father is 100% percent Irish.
Cassidy: He's Irish all over?
Me: All over. He's 100% Irish, which means that ALL OF HIM is Irish. He came from Ireland!
Dylan: He's a leprechaun?!?!

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