Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheaters Never Prosper... And Also Don't Get Invited to Play

Boy (4-6) wearing policeman's hat, arms folded, portrait
When I was younger, I heard my sister refer to me as "the police". This was in reference to playing games. My family loves playing games. Anything that is loud and fun and involves yelling is a perfect game for my family. They really like cards, too, but I'm not so crazy about cards because I don't have a strategy-making mind for that.
But I am severely and stringently opposed to any kind of cheating or "bending of the rules." It's really difficult for me to play with new people, or to play a game that a lot of people don't know, because sometimes the host of the game will be very laid-back and think, "Well, we'll just teach a few of the rules and see how it goes..." or, "Let's just let that rule slide for now because it's too complicated."
That's not how I play.
I like knowing the rules, playing by the rules, and most of all, I like enforcing the rules. Hence, my sister calling me "the police" when we were playing a game. It might have been Taboo, a game that has a rich history amongst my family and friends of causing fights and creating friendships.
So, if you ever play a game with me (and if you know me, you will probably play a game with me, since I love to play games), just, uh, ... keep this in mind. Play by the rules... and no one gets hurt.


  1. this is the way every game should be. EVERY game, even the ones with 4 years olds. No one should be given a pass for any reason...

  2. uh- oh. Have you been terrorizing the 4-year-olds again?