Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your Love is a Metaphor

Well, just take a minute and enjoy the beauty displayed above and below before I embark on this post.
okay, ready?
So, I have a friend whose love language is coupons. Definitely. And after thinking about it, I've decided that my love language is metaphors. I can't speak without them. I probably sound like a crazy person half the time, but they're the best desciptors (not a word, but it should be)!
I think that's why I love music and lyrics so much. House of Heroes lyrics are ridiculous and intelligent. I'm talking get-out-the-dictionary-and-look-stuff-up smarts. Oh, Sent by Ravens' lyrics speak to my heart. Muse is in another universe (meant in the best way possible).
And then there's Switchfoot. 
You know how you hear a song, and you're like, "Wait... how does that person know what I'm going through? Have they been reading my diary?"
I listened to a lot of Switchfoot when I did my big Australia ... trip? adventure? life? several years ago. I accidentally messed up while loading songs on my mp3 player, so the only songs I had were Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown and the 40 Acres album by Caedmon's Call. Four months of travel and homesickness ... yeah - they got a lot of play (and some tears, and some dark poetry as I am wont to do).
Jennie and I get on a Switchfoot craze every few... weeks. It happens pretty often. I've only been to one Switchfoot concert, but it quickly cemented my love of the band and the Foreman brothers. 
There's the awesome live performance (see them cover Beastie Boys' Sabotage here), there's the dimples (see above and below, please) and then there are the lyrics. What's not to love?
After reading basically everything I can get my hands on regarding the meaning behind the songs on their most recent release, Hello Hurricane, I'm convinced Jon Foreman is 1) a musical genius, and 2) a musical genius.
I love every song on the latest release at different times for different reasons, but for right now, my favorites are Your Love is a Song, and Free. Check 'em out. And read about the meaning of the songs. You'll be blown away.
So the metaphors for God's love in Your Love is a Song are: symphony, melody, song, remedy, strong ... I can't remember if there are others. What would you write?

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