Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part of a Bigger Group!

Check it out:
Our blog is featured on - a web site that acts as sort of a fun (and pretty!) database for awesome Christ-centered blogs.
We're under the "loving life" group, which is rad, since Jennie and I do have that je ne sais quoi, that zest for life, that joie de vivre!
So while you're there, browse around for some more blogs you might love. One of my favorites is Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary (who, by the way, is not the very worst missionary, but she is one of the very best bloggers and I always look forward to her posts.

I will be looking at the crafts blogs on the site, because ....

(drum roll)

I got rid of my tv service (it wasn't really doing it for me, to be honest) and since the rest of my family is all about home improvements right now, I am trying to jump on the bandwagon and do some fun, cheap and do-it-myself (DIM? Yeah, that sounds about right... lol) projects to beautify my space.
At the moment, I have really fun, colorful fabric that I'm going to make pillows with (I started sewing last night and it's better than I thought it would be, so that's great.
I should say this - I'm usually really terrible at crafty stuff (unless it's writing and sometimes quirky art) but for some reason, I'm like an idiot-savant when it comes to sewing. I have little experience and no skill, but I kid you not - I sewed myself TWO purses a couple of years ago. One is a satchel-type thing that with a drawstring top. Seriously. I did it. And people are like "You made that?!" like they can't believe it. Because, really, I can barely believe it. It didn't even take that long. Anyway, the pillows are on their way.
I thinking the big project will be flooring, which I refuse to do myself, so that's on the backburner until I either marry a construction worker or win the lotto.
But I am thinking of doing some sort of backsplash and I'm very open to suggestions.
Any ideas? I have a tall, rectangular space above my sink and, across from that (on the opposite wall), I have a square space above my oven range. I have yellow walls in my kitchen and I don't want necessarily want the backsplash to spread to be under the cabinets, since that will cover all the fun yellow, but I'm willing to hear any ideas. I figure since the walls are so bright, I either need one, bright contrasting color (like a deep blue), or muted multi-colors (like sandy tans and reds and greens...). Anyway, please send ideas. I could really use them.

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  1. This tech-challenged person could not navigate Faithblogs. I looked and couldn't find you. Help!

    I'm thinking on backsplash ideas....