Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Version of the Cat Lady

I have a confession to make: I think I am becoming a cat lady. Well, not quite cat lady...

I am always on guard. Always. I designed the Cat Lady Equation specifically for this -- to make sure that I do not become a cat lady and to help prevent friends from becoming cat ladies. (I can only help those who want to be helped ... Loggins).
But as I recently mentioned, I'm trying to do a lot more crafty stuff ... like do-it-myself (DIM) things around the house. But since I'm cheap, the DIM things are pretty limited.
This weekend I sewed a new curtain for my new craft room, I sewed one pillow, and I sewed 2 little stuffed "Things" for my niece and nephew for Valentine's Day.
What I'm getting at is this:
I think the sewing has become my 7 cats.
I have about 4 more pillows to sew and I'm already planning what I want to do with the fabric scraps. I have 1 throw blanket to sew (or... hand over to my mom to sew on her sewing machine, since everything I do is by hand -- Thanks Mom!), and I have a little tablecloth that I'm thinking of making. And I'm very excited about all of it.
So I figure I'm about 80% Cat Lady by these standards.
Here's the deal -- what is the difference really? What is the difference between sewing like a mad woman, and owning a million cats? The answer to "What did you do last weekend?" is too similar in both instances.
Cat Lady Response: I stayed in because Snookums has been feeling depressed ever since Patches ignored her to play with Scratchy...
Crazy Sewing Lady Response: Last weekend? I stayed around the house and sewed 17 pillows...

Yes, both are crazy. I have to make sure I do not become my own version of the cat lady. I will keep you updated.

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