Friday, February 4, 2011

More Things Jennie Says

It's been forever, and unfortunately I don't have time to really plan a post, but I wanted to share a few wonderful bits of advice from Jennie that have tickled me lately.

This quote is best taken out of context and explained later, so:

"Christy, STOP LISTENING to your family!
They are ruining your reputation!"


I told Jennie about some fishy grammar advice my family gave me (they won't even remember the advice or the rule, but here's what it was: when captioning a picture, do you say "Jennie and I" or "Jennie and me"? Certain members of my family suggested "and I". I still maintain that it is "and me," as in "This is a picture of Jennie and me." I know, I know, too much thought went into this.) ANYWAY, I finally took their advice, captioning a picture as "Loggins and I" and then Loggins tagged "I" in the picture, making me feel pretty darn silly.
So apparently, this 'reputation' of mine is solely based on grammar and word usage.
Good to know.


I freak out about weird things. Therefore, this conversation:

Jennie: I think you put more significance on smiley faces than normal people.
(which, looking back at this .... normal people? Uh, thanks, friend.)
Me: Smiley faces are flirty. And winky faces - don't get me started! They are inappropriate.
Jennie: A lot of people send and receive winky faces.
Me: They're going steady! Practically engaged!
Jennie: (sighing) .... Okay.

The end.
**We'll be back eventually. Things are just crazy right now. Crazy!

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  1. Haha, I put a lot of emphasis on smiley faces too...and exclamation marks (or lack thereof)...or just punction marks in general, lol.