Friday, October 9, 2009

Sisters Make the Best Friends

Portrait of a girl laughing in class setting
I've been a younger sister for all of my life, and the thing about being a younger sister is: you think your older sister knows EVERYTHING. So now that we're finally adults and kind of on the same playing level, I'm learning that she does, in fact, have her moments of weakness.
Here's advice she's given me over the years that is absolutely, positively amazing advice and I hold myself to it:
• No horizontal stripes. Ever. Never. No way. No matter how cute it is.
• Pointy heels always look better
• It's better to be a few minutes late to an event than show up on time, looking crappy
• If I'm feeling left out of something, I need to fix it; I can't wait around to be included. I need to be outgoing.

Now here are some things that I've noticed lately about my wonderful sister that prove to me that while she's a wealth of knowledge, she doesn't know, well, everything:
• She is constantly trying to give me her dog. I like her dog, sure, but when someone's so desperate to get rid of something, it makes you wonder...
• She cannot for the life of her remember the names of TV shows. The Biggest Loser is known as America's Fattest Person. How I Met Your Mother is instead Who Wants To Be Your Mother? (to be honest, I did the same thing with the show What About Brian? - it was a stupid title - so I called it Brian's Song)
• Black pants, brown shoes. That's all I'm going to say.

So, my sister is totally awesome, and gives amazing advice. But ... she's human, too. :)

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  1. Wrong-wrong-wrong. I remember the title to TV shows-- I just prefer to call it the Fattest Person in America-- (also the most inspiring show on tv). And "Who's your mama?" is so so much more fun. I don't wear black pants with brown shoes-- maybe brown corderoys with black boots. Also I'm Super human-- not just human.....remember that.
    P.S. Want a cute, kissy-face, white and black dog???