Saturday, October 31, 2009

True Story Saturday

Word etched in stone
True story: once, two guys fought over me.

Sounds better than it really was. When I was living in Australia, I went out with my housemates and we met these 2 Australian men who took a liking to me and my roommate, Andrea. Andrea actually ended up going out with the one guy a couple of times, but anyway, this Australian guy was very sweet, but even with the bonus of the accent, he just wasn't my type. Well, they followed our group to another bar, where I ended up chatting with yet another Australian guy. The second guy asked me if the other guy (we'll call him Oz) was my boyfriend. I said No. Well, Oz overheard and saw that I was chatting with some young, good looking guy and decided to put a stop to it (story of my life). We'll call the second guy ... Koala.
So Oz confronts Koala, and Koala gets defensive. Koala asks for my phone number (which is a whole other story because the Aussie phone numbers have like 14 digits in them and I never figured out where the pauses go, you know? So I would just rattle off a string of 14 numbers and everyone was just confused).
I start to give my number to Koala, but Oz decides to PULL RANK, of all things, because he was in the Australian military. Turns out that Koala was in the Australian military, too. Well they start battling out how their rank transfers because they're in different branches and it soon becomes ridiculously obvious that I have nothing to do with the situation anymore.
I slowly start backing away because I really don't think they'd ever have noticed I was gone, when Koala actually starts throwing a tantrum, grabs his backpack (military issued?) and leaves. So: yeah, technically 2 guys once fought over me. But in reality: 2 guys once fought near me. Haha.

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