Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting into the practice of practice

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My writing teacher has us writing at least 1 hour per week, and really we should be writing 1 hour per day. So, while I'm not necessarily writing more, I'm thinking of writing all the time. So today, while I was thinking of writing, I had an epiphany, which let me in on my own little subconscious secret of why I don't write.
Being the neurotic girl I am, I keep several copies of my stuff in several places. Unfortunately, since I'm also super lazy, there tends to only be one updated copy somewhere. So, I'll have copies of my work on my home computer, on my flashdrive and on my work computer, but I'll only have the most up-to-date copy as an .odt file on my flashdrive. Don't ask me why this happens, but that is always the case. So when I want to work on my story at home, I'm inevitably out of luck because I only have Word at home.
I will sit down, pull out my flashdrive, start up my computer, open the folder and then BANG! Realization hits me: I can't work on my updated file. I either have to open a new word document and type away, transferring the copy later (this is bad, because I'm writing "blind" so I will get details wrong), or I can open an un-updated copy and try to work off of this (this is also bad, because then I have an un-updated file, with new stuff, that has a newer date attached to it... this will undoubtedly screw me up at some point in the future).
So, I was sitting here at work, pleased because I have 2 copies of the most up-to-date story on my flash drive. One is an .odt file and one is a .doc file, but they are the SAME, which is an achievement all on its own. And I thought, "I should really just go ahead and write."And this is where the epiphany struck like lightning: My next thought was, "I'm not going to write because I don't want to have to save the files again."
Oh, lazy, lazy Christy. This is why you're not writing? Get to it.

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