Monday, February 22, 2010

The Shift

Shift key
Last night's Bible study and yesterday's church sermon really tugged at my heart. Well... more than tugged. They ripped at it. This won't be easy, but I'm having to create and foster a shift in my attitude. I am a person who plans, who looks ahead eagerly and who waits with fervent hope. And that's not necessarily bad, but it's missing the point. If I'm always hoping for the future, then what is happening to my joy in the present? It's nonexistent.
So, while the destination (is there one? or would I always be looking ahead?) is certainly something to strive for, the journey is worth stopping, taking a breath and being joyful. Joyful in the moment. Honest joy. It won't be easy, but I'll find a way to do it. After all, Paul rejoiced while bound by chains in a jail cell. David praised God while hiding for his life in a cave for a decade.
Here's the shift in my perspective: find the joy in my present state and protect it, nourish it and bask in it.

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